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Bridging Wirelessly from Westell 9100EM to Netgear WRG614 - Possible?

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Bridging Wirelessly from Westell 9100EM to Netgear WRG614 - Possible?

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HI Guys,


I have FIOS internet and TV,


I want to use my NetGear WRG 614 to create a seperate network at the bottom of the apartment, so that i can run my servers down there. The Westell is in the living room, and the servers are loud so i can't hook them up there.


Can i create a bridge so that the  WRG614 and Westell would operate wirelessly on the same network ?


If not, any other suggestions?

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Re: Bridging Wirelessly from Westell 9100EM to Netgear WRG614 - Possible?

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Well, that particular unit has a wireless bridge mode on it, but I believe you would need to set it up to work with another Netgear device.   Here are a couple of approaches that I would consider using ...


1. Ethernet cable -- run and ethernet cable from one of the LAN interfaces on the WRG614 to one of the LAN interfaces on the Westell, disable the DHCP server on the WRG614, and make sure the IP address of the interface on the WRG614 is on the same subnet but different than the router ( suggested).


2. Coax - Similar to option one, if you are cabled to the Westell via Coax from the ONT, you could bridge via the MoCA cable network.  You need a piece of Coax which is on the same house wiring as the rest of your network for FiOS TV (assuming you have FiOS TV here) at the location where the WRG814 is located.   Purchase a MoCA adapter (such as the ActionTec HME2200) for around $80.  This takes Coax in one side and ethernet in the other.  Plug the ethernet into a LAN port on the WRG614 (same disable of DHCP and address considertations) and the Coax into the Coax.   It will automatically pair up with the Westell and bridge itself onto the LAN network.


3. Wireless Bridge - Purchase a wireless bridge/print server -- Netgear used to make the WGPS606 wireless print server that was really good for this as did BuffaloTech (until that got sued for a patent infringement).   It has a 4-port switch in it to which you can connect systems.   You then configure the device and it will connect wirelessly to your wireless network on your Westell. 


You WRG814 may act like the bridge in option #3, but in looking at the documentation, it didn't appear that it contained all the functionality needed -- but if it were going to work, the wireless client bridge -- where you have to enter in the Mac address of the parent router (being the Westell's wireless interface) is the one you would use.


Oh ... and before someone adds it ... there are "Power Line" bridges as well that you can use.   These are a bit more finicky and subject to line noise thru degraded connectivity speeds, but another option as well for connecting the two networks together.

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