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Can Anyone Help me Please???Why is it my Wireless N connects only at 65Mbps with Fios?

Can Anyone Help me Please???Why is it my Wireless N connects only at 65Mbps with Fios?

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Hi, I made the switch from DSL to the Fios, Idunno a year and half ago maybe and  have just had it by now and I have been trying to find out why this is the way it is. Ok heres the run down; I had DSL running wireless N and my connection speeds would range from 155Mbps to 270Mbps and on occassion I would hit the 320Mbps. I switch to Fios because i got sick of the DSL line outside always going bad every 3 months and now my connection speeds are  like 53Mbps to max 65Mbps, hardwired with ethernet is 100Mbps thats the limit to the card but shows higher speeds are availabe from this Fios plan i have. the Plan is on the lower end of 15Mpbs/5Mbps which that in itself I dont understand why with Fios we get a different lingo of speed connection. I have been through every setting in my comp and on the router and I am completely stumped. I am tech savy and have built my own Pc's in the past and know my way around a comp very well although I am still getting used to this Windows 7 and its layout and appearance.. I found the network connections set up a lot easier to navigate on Xp.


I have absolutely had it with calling verizon and being connected to someone over in India or pakistan that i can even understand and they are no help at all because i can never stay on the line long enough with out getting completely annoyed. Please Please can anyone please explain or help me figure this out?? I am at my whitts end here.. I would like to know  what it is and did i just waste money on fios internet? should I have kept the DSL being that my connection speed was way faster, my webcam with these speeds is completely sh*T now. I would like to know how I can repair this. Thank you for reading

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The figures you mention only make sense on your intranet.  Are you still using the same wireless router.  The verizon one is somewhat limited as far as max wireless-n performace.  For one thing it only has a 2.4 radio.   I like many people who wanted wireless-n performance before they even added a wireless-n gigabit router, have my own handling my wireless-n network.

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take a look at your service tag of your router, and let us know what Revision it is.


Rev F only does 65 max,  rev g and I can go upto 160. 

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Please note that your issue has been escalated to Private Support.  This thread will remain locked until your issue is resolved.  


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We can not gaurantee the type of equipment that is installed. The gaurantees we do give is that you will get up to the speeds you are subscribed with for FIOS. If you run an internet speed test over a hardwired connection and are not getting the FIOS speed you are subscribed to, please reply back to let us know. You are more than welcome to hook up any additional equipment in the house for your internal networking.  


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