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Can I use 2 Actiontec FIOS routers in the same house in a single network?

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Can I use 2 Actiontec FIOS routers in the same house in a single network?

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I currently have my FIOS Actiontec router in the top level of my 2 story house. I want to be able to have a wired ethernet connection to the PS3 and Computer that it is in the basement. Unfortunately, there is no way to route an ethernet cable from the top level to the basement. There are a lot of "outside" Wi-Fi signal that create inteference, so I don't want to use a Wi-Fi connection.


Can I buy a second Actiontec router and connect it using the Coaxial cable available in the basement to connect the PS3 and Computer via Ethernet cable using the LAN ports in the Actiontec router, while keeping everything in the same network?


Will I still get 25/25 speeds?


I bought a Netgear MoCA adapter but the speeds were horrible (10/2) and it didn't work very well.


The setup would be:


Top Level:  Actiontec Router connected via Coaxial and connecting 3 computers via Ethernet

Basement: Second Actiontec router connected via Coaxial conecting the PS3 and another computer via Ethernet.



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Re: Can I use 2 Actiontec FIOS routers in the same house in a single network?

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It you're truly using a MoCA adapter and getting degraded speeds, then something else is wrong.     The MoCA adapters uses the coax to communicate to the router on your second floor using 200mbps of bandwidth -- far greater than you up/downstream speeds.    I would suggest logging into your router and checking the bandwidth speeds your getting on the MoCA interface stats.


While you could install a second router, you would have to configure it as a MoCA bridge (you don't get two public facing internet connections).   


I have an ActionTec MoCA bridge that I've been using for a couple years now and it works fantastic.


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Re: Can I use 2 Actiontec FIOS routers in the same house in a single network?

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MOCA should run at north of 200mbps, so if you are getting much less than that, something is wrong.

I would try re-seating the coax at the splitters, and possible replacing the coax connectors on the cables, or at least cleaning them up.  Make sure that the splitters in use are bi-directional and good to at least 1 Ghz.


If the connection to the basement wasn't there when the FiOS service as installed, it might be on an old splitter left over from Cable or Sat days. FiOS places the MOCA signal at frequencies well above those normally used for Cable and Sat service, so splitters left over from those installations may not work acceptably. In addition if the cable going to the basement is from a previous installation, it may not be in the best condition, or especially suitable for FiOS, and you might try replacing it with new cable. Coaxial Cable has a finite life.


If all else fails, you might consider Powerline Ethernet adapters. These transmit Ethernet over the powerlines in the house, and can usually provide 80mbps or so bandwidth, which is probably more than your FiOS connection is good for. They basically allow you to relocate ports from the router to just about anywhere else in the house where there is an electric outlet.

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