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Can We Stop Calling the G1100 Quantum Gateway the "Most Advanced Router," Verizon? It's Not.

Can We Stop Calling the G1100 Quantum Gateway the "Most Advanced Router," Verizon? It's Not.

Copper Contributor GuardianHope
Copper Contributor
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I have literally seen this thrown around by virtually every Verizon employee on the forum whether it's in a discussion about the new fees for the BHR1-3 by @Nilsa_VZ here: https://forums.verizon.com/t5/Fios-Internet/Surcharge-on-old-routers/td-p/819040/page/2 or @LawrenceC from time to time.


Verizon: just because the Quantum Gateway (G1100) can do MoCA 2.0 and has what is really just the lowest classification in WiFi AC (1350Mbps) versus the average "high end" of 1750Mbps or the new Wave 3 AC routers which can do 3000Mbps, doesn't make the Quantum Gateway "advanced." In fact, I sort of proved my point there.


What's Worse? Well, basic features like Quality of Service and other advanced configurations found in the older BHR generations have been removed! In fact, for the price tag of the G1100, it falls into a category of routers and gateways that should do a lot more. Stop dumbbing the gateway's software down!


Security Risk Galore: Because in addition to being forced to have the management port open to the entire world since Verizon doesn't apparently know how to create a firewall that will "ALLOW ONLY FROM [VZ NOC IPs] TO/FROM [Quantum Gateway] ON 4567 (TCP)" (sory for the caps, I copied that from a rule from an internal firewall for a totally different application and just put VZ information there) you all have gone one step further: admin is the forced default username and you can't change it!


Be Prepared for Incompatibilities: The Quantum Gateway uses DNSMasq-DHCP as the DHCP server. This isn't always a bad thing. Some people will go without ever experiencing problems. Others, and I do mean a lot of others, will dread the Quantum Gateway (G1100) for this and have many nights of having to fight the router. In comparison, the older BHR Generations used BIND. Ironically, the Quantum Gateway uses BIND when getting a WAN IP.


Firewall that Blocks Normal Traffic: Yes, the Quantum Gateway's firewall is so advanced that it literally blocks normal traffic. I have seen it block Google, Windows Azure (I hate it when it does that), Amazon Web Services, and other legitiment traffic leading to nightmares of trying to work on these platforms or use certain applications.


Your Best Bet (If You Can): If you unfortunately have to use the Verizon router because your are connected via Coax or have Quantum TV (etc.), is to try and make them swallow the fee. It's not worth $10/mo nor is it worth $149.99. They are giving you a $49.99 router for that price and those $49.99 routers from Netgear and ASUS can do a lot more. Then be prepared to cringe everytime you have a problem and note that Verizon won't do anything about it (thank God I'm leaving Verizon for my own Gigabit service that gets ~940Mbps/~940Mbps in October).


For those of you with Ethernet: buy yourself a router if you haven't already and just return the old BHRs which were far more capable than the BHR4 (Quantum Gateway).


There are so many issues with the Quantum Gateway resulting from it being "dumbbed down" that I pity anyone who actually buys it. Verizon needs to address the issues of the QG before they make a bold move like forcing everyone to upgrade to it.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Took the advice for a buddy already. The firmware on the G1100 isn't quite at it's prime yet. We rebuilt his network two days after a FiOS install into a full Ubiquiti network. Ubiquiti Security Gateway 4, UniFi 24 port PoE switch, and UniFi AP AC Pro. The G1100 was made into a MoCa bridge Smiley Happy

Contributor SkinnyGirl
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What sucks is that you have to go to such measures and bucks in order to safeguard yourself.

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Does he use Verizon STBs?

Those are always the trickiest item when trying to use your own network setup.

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Contributor BeevD
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I agree 100000000 percent.


I have to deal with global business controls and used to be able to have a VPN. Now, they screwed up install, billed me for a month of service I didnt have, didnt honor my agreement for pricing, have not replied hours worth of calls, and I cant get a company that can figure out how to set up a VPN properly due to its "dumbed down" firmware.


Once I move, Quantum is going in the trash.

Contributor BeevD
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Did I mention in 8 years of service, they have not acted like an actual provider, arrived on time, and even asked me to call the union reps because the FIBERTECHS hate their job so much?

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