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Can connect a 4th coax cable to 4way verizon splitter from ONT?

Can connect a 4th coax cable to 4way verizon splitter from ONT?

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This is my current layout. I got a verizon 4 way splitter set up as shown.


The black cable goes from the ONT to the splitter input, the white coax on the left goes to the bedroom with a small box, the white one on the right goes to the living room to the main box, the black one with the grip on it goes to the quantum gateway, and the black disconnected one goes upstairs where I want the WCB3000N MoCA adapter hooked up.



Everything works perfectly fine, if I leave the cable leading upstairs disconnected. But the second I connect that cable, I lose all signal, and both cable boxes freeze and I eventually get a signal connection message.


I've tried resetting the ONT after connect, before connect, and even tried connecting while the gateway was unplugged, then plugging it in.

Is there something I'm missing?

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Couple of things:

1) Try one of the working connections on that port of the splitter. If it causes an issue, the splitter is bad.

2) If that is not an issue, then connect new cable to the port the old cable was on. If that causes an issue, then it could be a bad cable.

3) To determine, disconnect one of the bedroom box. Connect new cable again. If you still have a problem it is probably the cable. It is possibly damaged somewhere causing a short and interfering with signal.

4) one more thing to try is to move adapter to bedroom to see if it is ok on that connection. If you have an issue, it might be that the adapter is bad.

Hope this helps.

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I would check the coax run which is disconnected end to end to see if there are any unknown splitters and connections which may be attached to that. Such as a roof antenna, an old Cable drop from the cable company, or perhaps a ground block. Amplifiers can also cause plenty of issues if one happens to be present on that stretch of coax.

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