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Can't Ping PCs on my LAN

Can't Ping PCs on my LAN

Contributor skimbrie
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Today I noticed that my WINS shares were not working between the PCs on my LAN.  I don't use this very often so I can't say when was the last time it worked, only that it worked at one point.


Router is MI424WR.


1 PC is connected to the router via ethernet and the other 2 by wifi.


All 3 PCs have internet access and I can "see" them on the "My Network" page of the router admin application.


I try to test them from the wired computer using the "View Device Details -> Test Connectivity" links in the admin app.


The test sends 4 "pings" which fail. 


I drop to a DOS prompt and try pinging the other 2 computers.  Fail.


I go to each of the two wireless computers and try to ping the other 2.  Fail.


Essentially, it seems that the router can "see" all the devices but none of the devices can see each other.


Any hints?  I have a little networking knowledge but only enough to be dangerous.  Please save me from myself before I go hacking into things I don't understand.


-Scott K.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Do the PC's you are trying to ping have a firewall enabled?  If so this could be why the pings fail.


You can also ping the device(s) and then from a dos prompt type:  arp -a.  When you do this see if the MAC address is listed for each device you ping and make sure the MAC address listed are a bunch of numbers and letters and not all F's or 0's.  This will confirm if you can talk to the device.  If you can view the MAC address then its generally something running on the PC that is blocking pings and other services.


When you mention your WINS shares, what do you mean by this?  WINS refers generally to Windows Internet Name Service and probably the ability to share files and printers among PC's.  I may be wrong but a WINS server is generally required to use WINS.  


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Gold Contributor VII
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Sounds like the dns server list that is being allocated by dhcp doesn't include the local dns server(The Router).  Therefore from the client end you can see the internet fine but nothing connected to the local LAN.  The router can see your local lan clients becuase he is the dns server for those clients.

I'm assuming your pinging the the wokstations by name, if not and you're pinging by ip addr then the other refernec to firewalls would make more sense.


Not sure why you would have WINS set up but assume that you are running a windows server on your local LAN.  Still no real need to use wins in the nic configurations.

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