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Can't access my Network Extender from the "New" My Verizon website.

Can't access my Network Extender from the "New" My Verizon website.

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I recently purchased a Samsung Network Extender (NE) for my home.

It works very well and my friends say that they now need to actually turn down their phones when I call.

Here is my problem, the new "My Verizon" website won't allow me to manage my NE.

I get as far as NE Summary page that shows the correct MAC address but won't let me highlight nor click any buttons.

At first I thought it was a Java Script problem at my end, so I updated my version with no luck. Then I turned off my Win Pop-Up Blocker. Still no luck. And finally I turned off my Norton Anti-Vi. That didn't work either.

I have called Verizon three times and no one seems to know what is up. However, there was one girl named Erin who was able to restrict access to the cells I wanted by "White Boarding". But she admitted that she couldn't get in via the web-based access.

Am I the only one having this problem.....Help

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Try the following link for troubleshooting this problem


If you still can't find your solution, you may need to contact someone via the Contact Us page and ask directly  You can choose the email or Live Chat option.

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But it's not an "in house" problem.

However, I did contact your website division.

They informed me that the website is still being updated and not all of the features have customer access including the network extender management page.

He told me to wait until they work out the kinks and that Verizon would send me an email when it's fixed.

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It's been over a year since the last post on this thread and you still can't manage a network extender (NE) from the website. I have no way of setting my priority access list.


When is this going to be fixed?




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The "new" "My Verizon" website does an excellent job of hiding the ability to administrate a Network Extender, but I found it with the help of online support.  The steps are difficult:


1.  Log in to your Verizon Wireless online account.

2.  Hover over the words "My Verizon" in the red banner at the top.

3.  Click on the words "My Plans & Services"

4.  Scroll down the "My Plans and Services" page until you see the words "My Services" on the right

5.  Under "My Services" find "Network Extender"

6.  Click on the words "Network Extender" to reveal the button "Manage"

7.  Click on the "Manage" button.


I hope this helps other people.  I can't think of a less intuitive place to hide this.

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I just installed my Network Extender but I don't see "Network Extender" under "My Services." How do I add it? Does it take time to appear after installation?

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It is now 2017 and the ability to manage the Verizon network range extender still does not work on the Verizon website. Even logging into the the network extender via its IP address offers no ability to manage it. So Verizon has decided to do nothing about this for 7 years. Amazing.


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