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Can't connect to internet after windows reinstall,Please help

Can't connect to internet after windows reinstall,Please help

Contributor Clyde22
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l just reinstalled windows xp on my computer.My Fios was working fine and my internet connection was working and works fine on another compter.Now that l've just reinstalled windows xp l can't get connected to the internet? What am l doing wrong? Thanks

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Silver Contributor III
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How do you have the Computer connected to FIOS, wired or wireless ?


Do you have any problems showing in XP under Device Manager for your network card ?


What IP address is your Computer getting ?






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Contributor Clyde22
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-31-2009
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Have it connected to by wire.


ln my device manager its showing,my eternet card,video,audio etc. drivers not installed,when l click to reinstall,its telling me driver not found. Comp came with Windows preinstalled so l don't have any CD's.Have know idea what l'm doing.Recently did a clean reinstall on my wireless laptop and had no problem!


Have no idea what the IP address is,or where it is?

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Where did you get the Windows copy that you just re-installed? Computers that come with Windows pre-installed also generally come with a) a CD or DVD containing the initial Windows system, b) a hidden partition on the hard drive with the initial Windows system on it, or c) an option to order a CD or DVD from the manuacturer with the initial Windows system on it. In any of those cases, the initial Windows system has the necessary drivers for your hardware already included, so the installation will work. But if you use a Microsoft-distributed CD of Windows it may not, and apparently does not, include the drivers for your devices.


Do you have the initial Windows system from the manufacturer? If so, you should re-install again from that, this will provide the necessary hardware drivers (processor, I/O devices, etc). And then you will need to install fixes, programs, etc.


If you do not have the initial Windows system, or don't want to use it, then about the only thing I can suggest is:


1) Figure out what brand and model number the Ethernet NIC is from the Device Manager.


2) On a computer that can connect to the internet, go to the manufacturer's website, search for drivers for the specific device, download them, and put them on a flash drive or a CD.


3) Now go back to your computer and install the drivers from wherever you stored them.


This should now let you connect to the internet, you can then get the drivers for the other devices, fixes, etc.


Just ignore the IP address issue for now, you don't have a valid one if your NIC drivers are not installed.


Hope this helps.


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