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Cancelation of services and trying to return dvr and cable box with remotes to avoid being charged

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Cancelation of services and trying to return dvr and cable box with remotes to avoid being charged

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I called Verizon on 10/19 to cancel my services, but ended up keeping the internet. As such, I needed to return my dvr and cable box, along with the remotes. The Verizon rep said I could keep my current router and wouldn't be charged for a new one, or they could send me a new one that would be $9.99/mo. I told her I didn't want the router.


Well, a few days later, guess what showed up? The router. What didn't show up? The boxes to send the equipment back.


Well, I waited a few weeks, but they never came. Today, I called Verizon to figure out what's up with my boxes to send my equipment back and what the deal with the router they sent me was.


My first call, at 4:20 EST was 15 minutes. The rep told me that there was nothing she could do because I had an open case, which was my equipment return. Even though I kept saying, the problem is with my case, she just said call back in 1-2 days. Well, it's been 13 business days and I'm getting emails reminding me to return my equipment, so that's not acceptable. When I asked to speak to a manager, she said the manager would say the same thing. I said I would like to speak to the manager anyway, and when I said that, she hung up on me. I couldn't believe it. I waited for her to call back, but nope, she sure didn't. Completely unacceptable.


I called at 4:36, talked to a different lady that managed to figure out how to send me the boxes they needed to ship within 8 minutes.


Some of your customer service people are just terrible.

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Re: Cancellation of services and trying to return dvr and cable box with remotes to avoid charges

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The fact that the first rep hung up on you shows either a serious lack of training for the rep in dealing with frustrated customers or V* doesn't care about customers. 


I've been a FIOS customer longer than I care to say, and I've encountered my share of rude V* CSRs.  However, I've found that if I'm calm in relaying my problems/frustrations, the CSRs tend to be less combative, but most of the time, they're ill-equipt to do anything. 


Still, CSRs should be trained to deal with difficult people, as most folks that call in for support are already frustrated. 


I had a similar situation years ago where they shipped me two new routers that I did not ask for, then it appeared on my bill.  I disputed those charges for two years, until finally, I called the SVP of Investor Relations.  My billing issues were resolved pretty quickly.

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