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Cannot Uninstall InHomeAgent

Cannot Uninstall InHomeAgent

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i've read some other posting but have not found a resolution and as others have commented the online chat help is completely USELESS! 


I received a update notice for VZ IHA. I attempted the update but it wasn't successful. It told me that I needed to uninstall the previous version because multiple versions cannot be installed. I went to control panet to uninstall and it's looking for the .msi file. The file was in the target folder. So i downloaded the IHA AGAIN, ran the uninstall from the control panel and the same message. I went through browse and pointed it to the location of the downloaded file and still..... it says it does not recognize the file. I just want this CRAP gone! Has anyone had any success removing this? If so, what steps did you take?  Is there a manual process?


Any help is appreciated.


*EDIT*  - The error message is:

VzInHomeAgentInstaller.msi is not a valid installation package for the producat Vz In Home Agant. Try to find the installation package "VzInHomeAgentInatller.msi" in a folder from which you can install Vz In Home Agent.

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Vote here. I have also had issues with uninstall not working properly with various Verizon software products. When a service and or process is left on a machine, and it is still running, I do not consider an application removed.


I believe Verizon should fix these issues and publish a clean up program to actually remove their software. Or or make an uninstaller that is available for download. When you remove a software package, the program should know how to stop the IHA process and actually remove it. I had to do it manually, edit the registry and delete software directories myself. Now the average user is not going to be able to do this.

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Where did you find the information to manually delete the files? I am comfortable with editing the registry.

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there's a manual uninstall process, let me think if I can remember wht they did when they took over my pc.   they pulled it up in add/remove programs (it wouldn't uninstall from there)  

then instead of hitting remove, they hit "click here for support info" and that pulled up the version number. for me it was 8.01.07 

then they pulled up this link in my browser


and then they ran that, and then they were able to remove it   so the important thing, I think is the version number. so get yours, and substitute it and format it like how mine was, but with your version number instead of mine,. 


hope it helps. 

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Microsoft used to have a downloadable product called windows cleanup or windows installer cleanup.  It was specifically made to remove failed installs/uninstalls.  They no longer make it available as you could do damage with it it you weren't careful when using it.  However if you google windows clean up you will find that it still available for free download from some 3rd party sites.  I used it to succesfully remove IHA.

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