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Cannot connect wirelessly to interent

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Cannot connect wirelessly to interent

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Suddenly unable to connect wirelessly through Verizon Actiontek router and 1 year old Macbook (previously never had a problem connecting here.) I can also connect wirelessly at work with no trouble. Went through network settings and router settings, reset router 5 times, tried secure and non secure connections--no luck.


Called tech support yesterday and we went through everything I'd already done--no luck. Tech forwarded me to Apple care--gave me some extra settings and tried resetting router again no luck. Called again today--new tech and I went through everything again even turned off Mac firewall--connected for a bit but then lost connection again--cannot reconnect.




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Re: Cannot connect wirelessly to interent

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Sounds like a bad router to me. You've reset the router a number of times. Tried connecting both secured and non-secured. That means a problem with the wireless on the computer, or with the router. Since the computer can connect at another location, then its wireless should be fine. That leaves the router. Sounds like time for a new one. I'd call Verizon and get them to replace it.


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Re: Cannot connect wirelessly to interent

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Have you by any chance updated the driver for the wireless adapter in your MAC?  I had a similar experience recently with two PCs that stopped communicating with the Actiontek router after receiving a driver update via Windows Update.  Rolling back the driver version solved my problem.


If you haven't changed anything, than it almost certainly has to be the router.  BTW - the router has the ability to update it's own firmware, but this feature is turned off by default.

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Re: Cannot connect wirelessly to interent

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Some basics of wireless signal with your home router



1]how far are u from the router?


and make sure that your laptop doesn't fall in the radio shadow. radio shadow means the antennae on your router only broadcasts signal in circular rings from the antennae. the antennae will never broadcast signal from its tip so the whole area on the tip of the antennae falls in a shadow.


For example, if ur router is in basement and ur laptop is on first floor and if the antennae points directly upwards towards the laptop, ur might have this problem.


2]make sure ur router is not near any electronics like TV, phone, microwave oven etc. it interferes with the router signal.


3]if u still have problems, post it here and i will teach u how to change channels on ur router. 🙂

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