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Cannot log into router

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Cannot log into router

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I know that there are plenty of posts about this out there but here is one more. Here is my situation - I cannot log into my router, but I remember that I changed it from the original admin user name and password. I clicked the reset button on the back of my router to see if that would do anything (reset back to the default settings) and so far nothing. I have tried the "admin" "password" / "password1" thing and nothing happens. My router is the Westell Verizon 9100EM Router.


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Cannot log into router

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eagleninja11 , You tried holding in the reset for a good 20 seconds then releaseing? You do get to the login page correct? You are correct it should be admin | password or pasword1. If still no luck let us know? Thanks Brett

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