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Canon mx922 won't print over Wi-fi

Canon mx922 won't print over Wi-fi

Contributor terathion
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The printer would print over wi-fi fine up to recently, but for some reason all the computers cannot see the printer over wifi now. I have tried the following:


Hard-reset on the printer and re-connecting to the wifi.

It prints out successfully a network configuration page showing the IPv4 IP address

When I login to the fios I can see the device showing active and I can ping it successfully.


Therefore the printer does connect to the wifi and can be pinged, but the computer's still cannot find it.


Another weird thing, when connecting via usb you can print, but cannot scan..

I tried adding the printer using the windows service via IP/TCP and it was setup successfully however when you initiate a test page it never prints and then it shows the below errors to the troubleshooter:


Printer Canon MX920 series printer cannot be contacted over the network

Your computer appers to be correctly configured but the device or resource ( is not responding.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The most easy fix is to first remove the canon printer drivers completely off each computer that uses it. Then go to the Canon support site and download the newest drivers. You may need to use the printer cable for first connection, but maybe not.

if you select LAN setup your computer may find the SSID of your network and set up correctly. In some rare instance it will ask you to plug in the printer cable to complete setup. 


Tablets and and cell phones should have no difficulty assessing your printer.


Contributor terathion
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Registered: ‎01-20-2019
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If I remove the printer from the desktops they can never find the printer again over wi-fi. Yes I actually tried your suggestion with the laptop. I removed the printer (there wasn't anything canon related installed as I just added it over wi-fi, didn't install anything) and because it couldn't find it over wifi when I downloaded the drives from Canon, I plugged the usb cable, and then I could print again only via usb (minute I removed it that's it) but couldn't scan which is also strange. 

When I press scan on the printer (in the past it used to show available pcs to send the scanned document to) but now it only says via usb. 

For some reason although printer connects over wi-fi none of the computers can see it.


And I don't know if it something firewall related, but the printer can actually connect to the internet since it was checking for firmware updates..

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
Posts: 4,772
Registered: ‎10-18-2016
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I think your missing my point.


You first go to Canon USA site. Then select your printer from the support page. Then go to the drivers section. It will list the drivers only, and the drivers and setup program.

you download from Canon the setup program on the initial desktop or laptop. It does not load over a tablet or cell phone.


after it has been downloaded to your computer, look for the file name and double click it to install the canon printer drivers and other assorted programs if you want them.

on installing the drivers program it asks if you are setting up with USB or LAN

if you select LAN the program will look for your routers SSID and you then click on it and select continue. At this juncture the canon drivers will either setup just via the network connection or it will say it wants you to use the printer cable plugged into the back of the printer and the other end into a USB port. It will again search for your network SSID and you follow The onscreen instructions. It tells you when to unplug from the printer. Now after the printer is on your network any devices like tablets and cell phones should find the printer when you say have an email as a test and select print. If the device finds the canon it will print.


now on any additional devices like notebooks or laptops or desktops or all in one computers you may need to go back to the canon site and load just the printer drivers and not the full set up program. Remember on these devices to go into your printers folder on windows and make it the default printer. You should have no issues after that.


Contributor terathion
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Registered: ‎01-20-2019
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Ok I followed all the steps and with the wired LAN  cable connected it works and the printer is discoverable from desktops and laptops. I haven't tried the wifi option though yet. 

I will unplug the lan cable connect it to the wifi and see what happens.

Contributor terathion
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Registered: ‎01-20-2019
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Before I unplugged the LAN cable , I set up the wifi on the printer, and then tried to add using the drivers/setup.exe file the printer over Wireless LAN but it shows up again the same issue:


The printer could not be detected on the network.


Thank you for your help on this. It makes me wonder if it is something with the firewall or not since via wired LAN it works and wireless it can't find it.

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What is the IP address of one of your desktops and the printer?

I have no issues using my canon printer (mx892) and several desktops to print via wireless with no issues.

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Contributor Wendelloni
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I know I'm several months late to the party, but in case this helps someone else.  


Punchline:  Check that the router Wifi channel is not higher than 7


Exact thing happened to me.  The printer reported that it was connected to my Wifi but no computers could ever see it.  I wiped all the drivers and software.  I tried to directly configure in the initial setup.  I tried to use USB to set the Wifi configuration.  Nothing worked.  Then I remembered that I had played with my Wifi channel to escape some congestion in the lower numbers (I was on 2).  I had moved it to 9 when I was playing a few days ago. I tried 7 and it worked.  (I also tried 8 and it did not work).  I assume that means 1-7 are okay.  Don't ask me, man.  I just work here.

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