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Certain Devices can't see 5G Network

Certain Devices can't see 5G Network

Contributor jps123
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So there were some storms that came in and messed up some wiring outside my apartment. The tech came and fixed it and it looked like everything was working again except right now only some devices can see my 5G network and connect, not all.

Devices that could see the network and connect before suddenly can't for some reason.


iPhone - can see and connect

Desktop computer - can no longer see the 5G nor connect

Kindle - can no longer see the 5G nor connect

Google Home - can see the 5G network, but can't connect

Google Chromecast - can see the 5G network, but can't connect


I've had Verizon on the phone and they basically said since at least 1 device can connect, there isn't a problem with the 5G network or whatever they tried to fix and that its my device's problems. All the devices I listed above could see the 5G and connect before the damage to the wires and the tech came to fix everything.


Hoping to get some advice here before I cancel my service if they just keep refusing to find a solution.

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Platinum Contributor III
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If one device can see the network, its probably not a router issue.

Have you done a power reset of router?

If you don't have much customization, maybe try a factory reset.

On your devices, try forgetting 5G SSID and relearning.

Also try searching this forum.
I seem to remember an issue with Google devices and 5G that was a Google issue.

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If the router is set to Auto channel, try changing it to 149 or 36. The router might be on a DFS channel, and those devices having problems might not support the channels. Generally if they can see the network and the 5Ghz radio is on a DFS channel, they should support it. The control channel might be visible but if the router is operating around channel 131, many devices don't actually support channel 139, which is required for the router's bandwidth setting (VHT80).

Contributor mark_jam
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thank you, all of the sudden, my Amazon devices stopped seeing the 5G wifi, and after speaking with 2 reps that were very nice, I got a router swap, but the issue still persisted, seems from reading this post, DFS was enabled, not sure how, but once disabled, my amazon devices could see the 5G wifi now. left the channels to automatic for now.

Contributor Mfnmike
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How do I change the channel, or see what channel it is on?

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