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Certain websites don't load or hang up: I recently changed from FIOS router to Linksys EA7300

Certain websites don't load or hang up: I recently changed from FIOS router to Linksys EA7300

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Hello All,

I have been a FIOS customer for a few years - currenlt Internet Only 100/100.

I had a FIOS router for a few years and decided to replace it with my own router. I connected to Linsys EA7300. 

Since I started using the Linsys router, certain websites actually hang (stop streaming) after a few minutes of use...  I have changed settings on the router (from google searches and Linsys support site) with no change..

So, I have two options now: 

 -  return the Linksys and purchase another model/brand OR

 -  purchase FIOS router (which will make me a bit unhappy).

I need your help with either a solution for the Linsys EA7300 and/or suggesting some proven brand/models that work well with FIOS..

Appreiate your help in advance!

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You may simply have bottleneck in your area. Or you could try doing an release/renew on the router and you could simply reset your router via the reset button and use the setup routine for your router.


i use a Netgear Nighthawk however it costs over $400 and it is great. When you say certain websites hang do you mean via direct connection? Or wifi? If wifi that is a non issue. However like i said you may have congestion. Verizon fios customer support will not fix your own router, only up to your ONT


look into either a Netgear or Asus or TP Link which is AC and has external antennas for better wifi coverage. At 100/100 any decent router should get that speed and slightly above. 

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I haven't used a Verizon router - ever really. That's over a decade, now. One suggestion I have is to use alternate DNS servers if you aren't already. See: Opt Out of DNS Assistance and Free and Public DNS Servers. I use:

NAMESERVER_1=""          # ISP's Nameserver primary
NAMESERVER_2=""        # ISP's Nameserver primary
NAMESERVER_3=""              # Google's Open DNS server

See if that helps.

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
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Is your router's firmware up to date? Wired and wireless both seeing the same issue?

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