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Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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Hi All, 


I'm in a tough spot here and would love some help as my FIOS service is off to an extremely frustrating start. A little background:


I signed up for FIOS internet 100/100 service about 2 weeks ago at my new home that I just bought. I purchased a mid range decent router because it had some specs that were important to me. My plan was to get DirecTV for television as I wanted to have Sunday Ticket. Turns out DirecTV couldn't get me set up.


So, I signed up for FIOS TV. But before I do that I got confirmation both on web chat and on the phone that I would be able to use the router that I had purchased with FIOS TV as well as internet. I was told yes both times, so I signed up. I received the self-install package yesterday and have been trying to set it up today. After hours on the phone I'm being told that I can't use my own router. Verizon was decent enough to offer me one of theirs free of charge, but it's a huge step down from the router that I bought. In order to get a router comparable to the one I bought I'd have to by the FIOS Quantum Gateway for 200. So now I'm basically being told that in order to have the set up that I was told initially I could have, it's going to cost 200 bucks. 


The only reasonable sounding solution I've been offered so far is that I could take the free router from Verizon and 'chain' it together with my better router to make the TV work, and then I could still have the features of my new router. This is where my question lies. That certainly doesn't sound to me like an ideal scenario, but I'm curious if anybody has done it before. I have a tenous understanding of these things, and it strikes me as a bad idea because I would think the weaker verizon router would bottleneck everything. So - if I were to set it up this way are there any drawbacks? Would my 3rd party router still operate exaclty as well as it would without the verizon router?


Sorry for the long post, I'd REALLY appreciate some feedback, I'm desparate to get this working, and I'm incredibly frustrated because I feel like I've been lied to and now I'm being screwed.



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Re: Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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Browse the forums.

There are several threads where people talk about using their own router along with Verizon router.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.
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Re: Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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Will do, thanks!

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Re: Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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What is your concern about the Verizon router. Is the problem with wired or wireless service. I just got Verizon FIOS service and my Verizon router does a fine job for my 100/100 service for wired connections but does a lousy job for wireless (only supported 2.4 GHZ). I was able to fix my problems using my previous router as a network extender (or sometimes called access point) and now I have 2.4 GHZ and 5.0 GHZ wifi and my speeds on wifi are around 70 up and 80 down.
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Re: Chaining Routers - Please help, need recommendation

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You'll need the verizon router to make Fios tv to work, all the better if they are going to give it to you for free.

As you are a 100/100 service your ont will be provisioned for ethernet so either router can be connected as the gateway router.  If you have verizon dvr's I think you will find you need to connect the verizon router as the gateway.  Personally I don't use the dvr service and have my own router as the gateway and the verizon router connected via a double nat to control the STBs for guide etc.  Whichever router you use for the gateway can be connected to the other router via a bridged connection or  a chained subnet connection.


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