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Changing MTU on the LAN MoCA Link (Actiontec Rev. I)

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Changing MTU on the LAN MoCA Link (Actiontec Rev. I)

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Is it possible to change the MoCA Link's MTU on the Revision I Actiontec router or if not, someway to VLAN tag specific connections coming from the MoCA bridge (i.e. like on Cisco devices) to set the MTU to 1500. For my rather unique stiuation, I have a MoCA 2.0 compliant MoCA-Ethernet Bridge adapter from Actiontec that sends the connection the Quantum DVR and to four seperate ethernet devices that would otherwise have suboptimal performance even with the ASUS AC1900 router over WiFi (one of the devices is old enough to not even have an N WiFi card but it has a GigE ethernet port).


What I didn't notice until today when testing something out that required a 1500MTU for optimal performance is that the MTU is operating on the MoCA link at 1480 which from my understanding was standard for older MoCA devices. I found this out when I got the following message from the application:


Establishing connection with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with 1500 bytes of data...

Packets need to be fragmented but DF set...

Lost connection to the host system. (100% Packet Loss)

Failed to start application! [FAILED]


Whereas enabling it with the 1480MTU:


Establishing connection with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with 1480 bytes of data...

Packets sent successfully

Connection to the host system established. (No Packet Loss)

Starting... [OK]


Of course, the client device is using WiFi AC and has a 1500MTU while the receving MoCA Host is using the Gigabit ethernet connected to the MoCA-Ethernet bridge.


While I found a number of ways to adjust the MTU with Cisco routers (just search it on Google or Bing), unfortunately nothing comes up but a useless thread related to Xbox LIVE when looking for a way to replicate the same with the Actiontec. 

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