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Chromecast FiOS-G1110 Setup

Chromecast FiOS-G1110 Setup

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I am having an issue with getting my 2nd Gen Chromecast to work. Everything points to an issue with the network (or I have a fault chromecast). I can cast for a minute or two, and then the Chromecast will reboot itself. Does anyone know of the router settings needed for Chromecast to work on the G110? I've ruled out a firewall issue by putting the Chromecast in the DMZ, still crashed. This only happens while casting. If I am not casting, the chromecast does not reboot itself.


Chromecast is connected to the 2.4GHz network (5GHz is enabled, but I have it on a different SSID). IGMP and uPNP are enabled. Google recommends turning off IGMP Proxy, AP/Client Isolation, and proxy servers, and turning on multicast - but I can't find those settings in the router portal.


I'm an IT guy, so if the answer is technical, let me have it.

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Should not be that difficult to use. Roku works similarly but this is the instructions for Chromecast 





Also universal plug n play is not necessary to be on. I use a Netgear but I turned off upnp. On Verizon quantum routers turn off WMM 

in the manual page 37 change from enable to disable. Page 56


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I was having the same issue with my G1100 Router. Unchecking "Enable Automatic Cleanup of Old Unused UPnP Services" seems to allow Chromecasts to stay on the network:


LMK your findings! Good luck

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Not sure if this still works, but you may be able to disable the IGMP Proxy in the router using this link: . Make sure you've logged into the router's web interface before trying to visit that page.

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Thank you Smith6612! This worked for me.

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OMG Thank you bsilver! It's been driving me crazy

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