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Chromecast on FIOS

Contributor TubeLugs
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Geez. My takeaway from this thread is "Chromecast is finicky. Avoid it."

Contributor wells18
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Thanks, it worked!  I had looked for awhile and then checked verizon only support.  I'm so glad you posted this link.



I'd give you a kudo, but can't figure out how to do it! I clicked the button, but nothing happened... Thanks again 😃

Copper Contributor jj71787
Copper Contributor
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I have an app on my tablet similar to cromecast. Only thing is in my room the wifi is very weak and video is always stops to buffer every 5 minutes. 


Is there a way I can increase the range of the wifi?


Router is on the first floor in the front of the house and I am on the 2nd floor in the back of the house. 


Router can't be moved.


Do I need to buy a range expander or another router? 

Contributor thewonder
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I have Rev I and the FiOS tech I called acknowledged this issue and walked me through the following simple steps that fixed the problem instantly. I don't know why there are so many other theories on this thread (none of which worked for me.) Hope this helps you:


Log in to Admin panel

My Network

Network Connections

Wireless Access Point


In dropdown for Network, change Network (Home/Office) to Broadband Connection


Reboot Router



Contributor Hippo1
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Registered: ‎09-14-2014
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Thanks so much! Switching from "Home/Office" to "Broadband" allowed the Chromecast to connect with the router. However, Chromecast wasn't able to access the internet. When I SWITCHED BACK to "Home/office," everything magically worked.
Contributor ptaffs
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Registered: ‎10-14-2014
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i followed all IGMP and uPnP, instructions, got another router, changed DNS. The answer was to get the Chromecast firmware updated, which i did simply by using a mobile hotspot for enough time for it to connect and auto-update/download new firmware. Now it's back on my network works like a dream. My firmware was 12000 something, and the new version is 19000 or more.

Contributor berm2b
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SOLUTION that worked for me to get Chromecast working after error message while installing with Fios.  I logged into router ( username default is "admin" and password is often password or password 1.  Under Wireless Settings/Basic Security Settings, I changed "Channel" setting from "automatic" to Channel 11.  Problem solved.

Contributor cck
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Can you provide the procedure you used to update the firmware? How can you check the current version

Copper Contributor juxta
Copper Contributor
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As mentioned above MAKE SURE THE CHROMECAST DONGLE HAS DONE ITS INITIAL SOFTWARE UPDATE before you try tweaking any other router settings like UPnP, etc.


I have done the initial Chromecast setup with two TVs almost a year apart and it's still the same problem -  my phone won't connect and the app says "Try a simple fix like disabling AP isolation (or something equally irrelevant)".  


Some people say going to your router's Wireless settings ---> Advanced Wireless settings ---> and changing 'Network' from Home Office to Broadband works. For me I changed the channel of my ActionTec router (older rev. D model) from channel 6 to channel 1. Once I did that the Chromecase dongle was happy and did its initial update and then I changed the router back to channel 6.


Honestly, the solution might be just to wait 30 minutes or an hour for the dongle to timeout and then update itself.  I think the problem is just some poor software in the Chromecast dongle or in the app that doesn't force the dongle to do an initial software update after the router WiFi password is first entered.  


Google was way off base on their solutions to this problem.  It's like Google is clueless about what users are doing outside of internet searching.

Contributor Electric1
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Thanks for providing a simple solution to this problem.  I wish Google would modify the Chromecast program to find the network, enter the network password, and then the steps to connect the device by matching code.

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