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Communications and Power Outages

Communications and Power Outages

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I recently received an e-mail message from Verizon about the possibility of power outages as a result of the upcoming storm.  Below is an excerpt of what they said:


"If you have fiber-based voice service or FiOS® Digital Voice, the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) installed with your service supplies up to eight (8) hours of phone service.  Please note that your FiOS® TV and/or Internet service will not be available until your power is restored.


For up-to-date information throughout the storm, please visit

You can also visit for troubleshooting tips, instructions on how to restore your service, and open a trouble ticket if needed. Once commercial power is restored after an outage, sometimes resetting your BBU is necessary.  You can learn how to reset your BBU now by clicking here." 


Does anyone at Verizon read these things before they go out?  Isn't the disconnect between this message and reality obvious to anyone in the company?  If my power is out, hence my internet and TV service are also out, not to mention the fact that I will by definition be unable to turn on my computer, how am I supposed to visit or for information and/or instructions and/or to "open a trouble ticket?"  This is what is known as cognitive dissonance.  Hellooo, anybody home?

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Well a lot of people have smart phones that connect to the net through 3 G and 4 G - so they are providing what they can to those that can use it.  


But yes I hear a little catch 22 in that situation, but I understand what they are doing, because I have had to do that myself during an outage.  I had to use my smart phone to connect and get info when my internet at home was down. 


Fortunately I have 4g and a droid phone that can use Fox Fi and I am able to act as a mini back up for the house, when the internet is down.    :]  

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Just in case of a prolonged power outage, I have a suggestion to augment the ONT Power Supply for Telephone Service.


That is to use a Power Inverter and a Marine Battery.  Many power inverters use an auto style 12vdc Cigarette Lighter Plug.  You can obtain a Cigarette Lighter Plug Recepticle with Battery Clamp ends at Radio Shack.


You can augment the ONT Power Supply in emergencies by plugging the ONT Power Supply into a Power Inverter connected to a Marine Battery.


The Lithium Software sux !!
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The Marine Battery and Inverter have worked well.  ALL power is out here but I am running on the Marine Battery and Inverter powering both the ActionTec Router and ONT power supply.  I'm in my car and powering my laptop from its DC supply.





The Lithium Software sux !!
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