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Complaint D2D salesman LIED about pricing and Verizon will not honor it

Complaint D2D salesman LIED about pricing and Verizon will not honor it

Contributor Jen1119
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Can someone please offer some assistance, I've made 5 attempts with dealing with Customer Service, contacted my salesman (who now tells me he can longer assist me) and have gotten a complaint in with teh Executive office who sounded like they could care less.  Ive spent over 4 hours trying to have Verizon own up to what their rep offered me (which i have in a written contract) but Verizon refuses and says no such deal exists. My arguement is that I have it in writing and Verizon should stand behind what their reps are out there soliciting.  I have not even got Verizon installed yet and already have many worries about moving forward with them.  Anyone else able to get issues like this resolved? I am looking into further action since they ran credit checks to set up the account. False advertising on verizon's part.


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You will not get the deal you were offered. It doesn't matter who you call or what you do, it will not be honored. Coming from someone who's been with verizon for 10 years (and longer with phone).



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The problem with Verizon honoring salespeople's offers is that Salespeople will offer practically ANYTHING to get new customers to sign up. Having worked tech support for various companies, I can tell you that nothing sucks more than getting a call from a customer asking about a promise a salesman made that simply isn't possible.

There needs to be more accountability for salespeople, but the fact of the matter is that there isn't. They promise the moon to get you to sign up so they get their commission, but never have to deal with the fallout. Tech Support and Billing get blamed for the lies that Sales tells.

Until companies (not just Verizon) stop looking at Sales as "revenue generating" (and therefore beyond fault) Tech Support as an "expense" (and therefore just a problem) nothing will get better.

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While you've received good answers from the previous contributors, I will offer what little insight I have on this issue.


I have two personal experiences with being lied to by Verizon. The first was by a sales agent on our initial install. We were told that the install was free. Then they tried to charge us for the fourth connection. We got a special bundle deal, but they wanted to charge us extra for the 4th box. We were told that there was a $200 Best Buy gift card for signing up. We ended up calling every month for six months or more and were given every excuse in the book for why it hadn't arrived yet. "It should be on its way." "It's no longer a current offer." "We never had such a promotion." "It's too late now, you should have notified us earlier." And to top it all off, the billing was always, always wrong. It took six months of calling at least once a month and re-explaining to a new CSR something that should have already been documented as an ongoing issue on our account. After proving that we had the contract in writing, they waived the install fee, granted the bundle rate for our STBs, issued an account credit for the gift card that never arrived and finally corrected the billing errors. However the time and frustration it caused us has never been compensated.


The second lie was not from a sales agent, but from a Verizon CSR who volunteered to review our account to see if he could save us money. If you care to read about that, I'll link to it here. But to save room, and frustration on my part, I won't recount that event here.


Don't be fooled by the automated voice that says the call may be recorded for quality assurance. Verizon would not honor its word. In the end, we reached a temporarily satisfactory settlement. But I already perceive a new battle brewing when this contract runs out and they attempt to increase our rates once again.


I have heard that some people received more flexibility when getting transferred to the Retention Department. Others have said that they just got the boot.


Overall, I am still satisfied with the services I receive at the rate that I am paying. But do not mistake that for being an endorsement of how great Verizon is or how pleasant it is to do business with them. I have two VERY sour experiences that were each dragged out for months. No one has attempted to make that right. And I'm sure you can hear how upset that still makes me every time I think about it.


Good luck in getting someone who cares and has the authority to make it right and who follows through on their promises to take care of it. But if my experiences are the norm, get ready for a long uphill battle.

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I'm having the same problem right now.  Before my install I noticed a mistake on my quote that didn't show a Multi-room DVR, which is something the salesperson, Phil, promoted and discussed with me.  Our whole reason for switching was based on price.  We told him the price had to be less than Optimum in order for us to switch.  He insisted he could beat the Optimum price while still offering us the MRDVR.  When I noticed the mistake, I contacted him via text message so that I would have things in writing, and he said he was calling his supervisor to make the change to offer me the MRDVR at the price he quoted me.  Foolishly, I went ahead with the install.  When I received my first bill, it showed I was being charged extra for the MRDVR,  I called the salesperson, Phil.  Right away he knew who I was. He mentioned something about wanting to place an order with me for a product that I sell, and then he once again he said he was making a phone call to have it corrected.  I just received a "Your bill is late" notice and saw that my bill has still not been adjusted.  I just called Phil the salesman, he answered the phone, I said, "Hi this is Sue from Mineola"... and he hung up on me.  I am beyond **bleep** off right now.

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@click4dylan wrote:

You will not get the deal you were offered. It doesn't matter who you call or what you do, it will not be honored. Coming from someone who's been with verizon for 10 years (and longer with phone).



Why the heck would you stay with them for 10 years if that happened to you? I've always received the offers I got, but I also did everything online.

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Silver Contributor II
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This is a good reason  for people not to do any deals in person or on the phone. Do it online through the website yourself and keep all records. Print 2 of everything. If they fail to honor the contract deals and is a legit contract (and nothing is in fine print that allow changes) take it to your attorney generals office and the BBB.




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I have had a similar experience with Verizon. I have an LG Cosmos, and I have wanted to upgrade to a smartphone for some time now. My dad had called Verizon around August 2013, asking when was the earliest we could upgrade my phone. The CSR said 18 months from when we got the phone, despite it being a 2 year contract. I guess we just assumed that the CSR should know what they're talking about, but we were wrong. Now being January 2014, I really wanted to get a smartphone before I went back to school after break. We went to a local Verizon store TODAY and I was looking at phones. An employee looked up our account and told us that we can't upgrade until February 5, 2014, 2 years from when we got our phones. I was so infuriated at this, and my own stupidity to actually trust a CSR. I may only be a month, but there's definitely others out there experiencing the same type of problem. I am so mad. I have to use LG Cosmos for another month, and that thing is a piece of crap.

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I had a similar issue. My issue involves the 300 dollar gift card and Verizon not honoring it even though the salesman offered it. If your issue is still not solved, try the Better Busiess Bureau and then try your state's Attorney General's Office-Consumer Complaints Division. My state is Pa and they are at least investigating. A few years back the NJ Attorney General sued Verizon for deceptive business practices. Looks like Verizon still has not learned about doing the right thing.
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