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Complaint about Verizon

Complaint about Verizon

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We had been with our previous carrier for 30 years and the only complaint we had was the prices kept on getting higher.  After listening to the Verizon sales people(TERRIFIC) who came to our home not once but twice, my husband and I finally figured that we could save some $ and get terrific deals.  We were sold.  The installer came out as scheduled and installed the boxes as promised.  We were advised that if we needed any additional boxes we could just go to the Verizon store and pick one up and connected it to the TV.  No problem and we did get one, installed it and have had nothing but problems with it.  After calling for tech support several times and being told that we could fix this ourselves through the website, customer service said that we would need a new box.  This was on Thursday and we were told that it would arrive on Saturday.  It is now Monday evening and still no box!  Again we called customer service and were told that it was approved TODAY!!!!  So needless to say we still have no TV in that room.  If I knew that this would take this long, I would have picked up the box myself but the customer service rep I spoke with made it sound so easy and that I would have it by Saturday.


All the customer service people have been very nice however, we are now wondering if we haven't made the wrong decision changing carriers and hope that Verizon can prove themselves or we will be changing back.

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Let the bugs work themselves out or get worked out. You'll find Verizon, when you need them may require a little nudging in order to get things done, but once everything's up and running things are solid.

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