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Complaint about customer service representative

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Copper Contributor
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Complaint about customer service representative

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I'd like somebody to provide me with some contact information so I can forward the text of a chat session with a representative that provided extreme sarcasm and lack of overall responsiveness on an issue.



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Copper Contributor
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Re: Complaint about customer service representative

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I have that very same issue virtually every time I call.  The sarcasm is probably the representative's last ditch attempt at covering up their lack of knowledge.  I wish I could provide you the name, but in the long run, this is a systemic problem which apparently is fine with the suits at Verizon.   Disgusted customers stop calling.....that is the true mission of Verizon's "customer service".

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Silver Contributor V
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Re: Complaint about customer service representative

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I'm sorry you had such a frustrating conversation! Please feel free to send me a private message with the details and I'll make sure they get passed along to the proper team within Verizon.



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Re: Complaint about customer service representative

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I am not a customer.  I have a power line blocking 75% of my driveway.  It is a Verizon fiber optic line.  I have talked to many representatives, I am told I need "to wait to be called."  I am still waiting for a call.  The lady I finally spoke to today was so rude and disrespectful, I am appalled that she is employed by Verizon.  I was trying to ask her how we could prioritize this (this is a hazard).  Every time I tried to get a definite answer and course of action, rather than "wait for a call", she rudely spoke over me.  I asked to be transferred to another department, she refused.  This is a ridiculous situation.  This wire has been down blocking MY driveway for over a week.  I am not a customer, so I am not getting service???  I am going to be reporting this to the BBB if this is not resolved immediately.  I think that I should be able to call and speak to someone knowledgeable who can assist in this situation.  I wish I had the name of the woman I spoke with today, because I have spoken to at least 8 people at Verizon and although most were unable to help me, they were at least friendly and professional.  The woman I spoke to is an embarrassment to your company.  


{edited for privacy}



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Re: Complaint about customer service representative

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I just spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone trying to get tech support for my cable TV. The first agent disconnected me when I said there is no model number on the front of the box. The next 2 ,with whom I was only connected after a long wait, said they  could help, spent several minutes taking the same information, had no records of previous calls or what I entered to reach them. After all that nonsense, I was told I had to be transferred and was disconnected while waiting. Next I asked for a supervisor in tech support and was disconnected while waiting.  On the next call Sergio, B6090474, was very reluctant to give me his name and was then rude. He claimed he would stay on the line until I was connected with a tech support supervisor and surprise! I was again disconnected. On the next call, when I was way past fuming, I reached Amy in Texas, Z615950, who again had no record of previous calls. However, she was the first to help. While I was getting rid of promotion on my TV screen, the box rebooted twice for no reason. She said I need a new box but I would lose everything on DVR. Sice we have spent years collectin those movies from TCM, that is unacceptable. She is still sending a new box as it was only some time later until I could talk to my husband who agrees we will put up with a lot before losing those movies, She said she would call me Thursday, and I'm sure she will.


I also asked agents to stop saying "We apologize etc" or "I understand your frustration."  It's clearly a required  phrase that is meaningless. " thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer, thank you for calling Verizon, and have a great day" are equally obnoxious. These meaningless phrases are insulting with their vapid meaning.


My  time is worth a lot, as is most psople's. We still have an expensive contract with Verizon but when it runs out we will find another provider. Customer service should be an asset, not a liability. I am also getting my first smart phone and will not use Verizon. I will warn my husband's manyi new employees that help is not available when problems arise, as they always do. Comcast is much more responsive.


Laurie{edited for privacy}

Laurel, MD

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