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Complex Router Issue with Home Network

Complex Router Issue with Home Network

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Firmware - 40.21.24

Router - MI424WR-GEN3I


My current setup is fairly complex...


FIOS Router -


PORT 1 - Desired for Laptop (explained later)

PORT 2 - Powerline Extender -> Wireless Router (WAN: | FIOS:

PORT 3 - WebCam Station (

PORT 4 - Empty



I took my laptop (which was on WIRELESS) and plugged it directly into the FIOS router, PORT 1.


It automatically assigned it the address which my wireless router is using, rendering my wireless router useless.


So, on the laptop, I manually assigned a static IP of  As soon as I do that, the change is represented in the "My Network" portion of the FIOS router page, but the wireless router is still dead.


As soon as I unplug the laptop and go back to wireless, the wireless router is back up again... occupying the LAN address.


The strange part is that in "My Network" the now has a MAC address of the laptop's wired NIC, not the wireless router or powerline extender.  Even after I reboot and power clean the router.


So, I took the laptop back off wireless, plugged it directly into the FIOS router again, and in the ARP table, the FIOS router shows the laptop Ethernet MAC address occupying AND  So it would seem that the DHCP assignment that the laptop originally  hung around because the wireless router is utilizing that same IP address... feels like a bug.


I've thought about using the MAC address filtering option in the ARP table and restricting my laptop MAC address from utilizing that IP... hoping it doesn't cause my wireless router to bomb out.


I'm pretty stumped here with this one...




Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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Well a simple thing being all complex. You have one router and an extender.

first off why the extender? The Verizon router should have wifi. Do you live in a huge house? (Extender)


unplug absolutely everything and then hit the reset button on the router. 

Remember after reset the original login and password must be used on first use.

you can change the device SSID for wifi and make a new router password after it's up with DNS address.


leave all settings regarding IP address assignments alone.

if you are up and running correctly the IP address table should be

the router assigns the ip addresses it needs. 


The four lan connections can be used for any four devices. So use any Ethernet cable from LAN port to your computer.


when on your network via direct connection or wifi the router will show two connections which is correct. Don't tinker with it just let it happen.


now to the extender. Why is it needed? If still needed just plug it in and if a Verizon branded extender it should assign its own address and be ready to go.


at least that is what mine did.


you may want to plug a switch into your routers LAN port if you want additional physical connections.


Good Luck


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I have found the Verizon router Wifi performance unacceptable.  I am in a three floor home with many sources of interference in the area.  The powerline extender has been a godsend.  It is not Verizon-branded.


Removing hardware to solve this is not acceptable.  I'd also like to stay away from starting at point A to resolve as well.


Any other ideas?

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Manually assigned a new MAC address for the laptop Ethernet NIC through Device Manager.

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I have a mixture of static and dhcp assigned ip addresses to devices on my home network. I too have a wifi extender. I did this by seting dynamic ip range 100-254 (admin login > advanced > ip distribution (assign your dynamic range). Then I assigned static addresses to my personal wifi router, printer, and wifi-extender. Have not had a problem, been using this setup for over 10 years. Just have to remember, everytime I reset my FIOS router I need to set the dynamic ip range and change admin password to something other than the default from vendor.

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If it worked for you than that ends it. But NIC and Wifi interfaces should have builtin unique MAC addresses. So why did you have to go thru this step. Just curious.

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Varg wrote:

If it worked for you than that ends it. But NIC and Wifi interfaces should have builtin unique MAC addresses. So why did you have to go thru this step. Just curious.

I'm not sure what you are asking...


I had change the MAC address because the router kept stealing the LAN IP given to my wireless network.  Somehow the router saw the MAC address of my laptop as the MAC address for the wireless router.  I explained this part.


Why the change was necessary?  Crappy router?  Not sure.

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Good of you to respond. This problem should not happen if there are separate pools for static and dynamic ip addresses and the wireless router is assigned a static address. Also MAC address of laptop nic and wireless router should be unique. I have to keep your solution in my knowledge base for future reference.

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Gold Contributor II
Device: iMac / iMac / iPhone
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Location: South Central, PA
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I'm not following what you're doing with the powerline adapter and the wireless router.  Can you be more specific on exactly you have hooked up to what and where it goes?

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lasagna wrote:

I'm not following what you're doing with the powerline adapter and the wireless router.  Can you be more specific on exactly you have hooked up to what and where it goes?

Problem is solved.. Not sure if I should've stated that somewhere other than in one of my follow-up comments.


I think I explained my setup in great detail in my initial post -- I just checked back in to see if I could help anyone else out.  Signing off after this reply.


I realize I could've likely started from point A by resetting my router, or perhaps by powering it off for an extended period.. but I'd rather fix things quickly.  If I'm not getting paid for it, I'd rather not spend more time than is needed to fix the issue.


Altering the local MAC address for my laptop Ethernet NIC will have zero side effects.


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