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Computer won't connect to internet.

Computer won't connect to internet.

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@tns wrote:

@Smith6612 wrote:

If System Restore wasn't disabled on the computer by some piece of malware or by you, the system should have automatically created a restore point before the update was installed and it should also have some periodic ones made during system start-up (Windows Vista/7) or during extended uptime.


System Restore is found at Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. It's pretty straightforward to use.

Do you know which fix or fixes are questionable?  Want to make sure I don't install them.

These are the ones I had:


MS 081612 Updates.JPG


I searched around, and did not find any reports about the recent MS updates affecting internet connections, at least not yet. They did not effect our connectivity.


Anyone of the first five could be the culprit as they deal with remote code execution JS, VBS scripts, and Elevation of Privilege.

I would suspect the new parameters in the recent security updates did not like something in the way the fios connection was handled.


Do you use IE8, have an x64 system, use Java?


You could try using Event Viewer to see if there were any problems.


The IE8x64 update deals with:


This security update resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted webpage using Internet Explorer. An attacker who successfully exploited any of these vulnerabilities could gain the same user rights as the current user. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights.


Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ms12-052


Best advice?

You would have to install those updates one at a time then try to connect to the internet, if the first one allows you, then go on to the next one until you find the one that doesn't.


My apologies, but until more information is forthcoming that is the best way.

















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The KBs that you want to watch out for are: KB2712808 , KB2705219 and KB2731847.


The last KB mentioned changes the way Kernel Mode drivers are handed in memory. This can include anything that needs direct Kernel access such as the networking drivers, Firewalls, etc. They did this to close off an elevated access hole that could be created with a specific combination of data packets and software on the machine.


The other two KBs involve the Windows Print Spooler and Remote Admnistraton Protocol. The Print spooler is tied pretty closely with the networking components of Windows due to networked printing support built-in to Windows. In addition, the Remote Administration Protocol had to have it's handling processes changes in a patch to prevent an elevated access hole from being exploited.


These updates pretty much patch up Remote code Execution holes and also Denial of Service holes. If anything, bets are with anything that hooks into the Windows Networking stack; most likely a Firewall or other Security programs, or possibly even NIC drivers if you cannot ping your router or any websites by their IP and then perform an nslookup against known hosts. Windows Firewall should not be causing problems as that runs on IPSEC which is a component of Windows. I haven't had any of my systems running Panda Cloud AV or Avast! Free Anti-virus with the Windows Firewall experience any issues with these patches, so the software installed that is non-Microsoft is definitely worth checking out. If you can identify what is causing the break, remove the affecting software, patch the system, make sure Internet works then re-install the affecting software. That should get it working with the new patch without issue.

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Nickel Contributor
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Thank you Smith, and kudos to you for the more detailed explanation!


I did have a snip of my updates in my last post, but it is not there now. Smiley Sad

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This was my problem with desktop using vista.  I had a error from the viss all this week about the update loader not working.  Today after rebooting, I could no longer connect to the internet.  I tried everything and finally called Verizon.  Once I told them what happened, they knew that the problem was the viss.  Uninstall the viss.  reboot.  If you now have internet reinstall the viss.  They said that the bug has been fixed.  I do not know if you have the Verizon internet security suite on your computer.  If so, it is worth a try.

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@Smith6612 wrote:

The KBs that you want to watch out for are: KB2712808 , KB2705219 and KB2731847.



Thanks for the info.  I guess I am lucky,  my laptop has those on and works.  So I must not have any drivers, etc., that are effected by them.  I'll hold them off for awhile on my desktop until I can confirm that nothing I have on it will be effected.

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Nickel Contributor
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@Anak wrote:

Thank you Smith, and kudos to you for the more detailed explanation!


I did have a snip of my updates in my last post, but it is not there now. Smiley Sad

Came back to check recent replies, and now the snip is back :confused:


hzmt, thanks for the added info!


tns, glad to hear things have settled down for you!


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I'm glad to see this thread has been helpful somewhat to others.


As for me I guess third time's the charm, because the third time I downloaded the Windows update, whatever was going wrong righted itself and I'm connecting just fine.


Thank you to the folks who were able to figure out where the problem was so I was able to fix the right thing!


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Nickel Contributor
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Glad to hear your updates took, and your able to connect.


Your welcome!

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