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Connect Wireless Printer to FIOS Network

Connect Wireless Printer to FIOS Network

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I recently signed up for FIOS and am having trouble getting my HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless printer to connect to the network.  The printer finds the network okay, but when I enter the WEP key the printer will not connect.  The diagnostic page that is created by the printer says it has failed the "no filtering" screen and that MAC filtering may be on.


I have not changed any default settings on the router (9100EM) so I do not know if this is a verizon issue or a printer issue.

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As a suggestion you may want to switch your wireless security to WPA or WPA2 with a pre-shared key.  Its a much stronger encryption type and highly recommended over WEP.  Additionally the pass phrase you choose is a password meaningful to you which makes entering it into other devices easier.


Give it a shot and if you need additional help let us know.

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I posted this problem in a separate message, but I figure I'd ask here as well.  I am having a similar problem with my Brother wireless printer.  This printer does not come with an ethernet connection, so I have to get this connected wirelessly in order for it to work.  I see my SSID, but when it asks for a password I keep getting 'Connection Fail'.  I have tried it with WEP key disabled.  I have tried it with WPA2 with AES as that what the instructions say for the brother printer.  Each time no good.  I'm thinking about returning it and getting the one with the ethernet connection, but that is a pain.  Any thoughts.

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HP 8500 Pro sees SSID and asks for the WEP.  I input WEP and the printer tries to connect but fails.  Printer wireless test page says "No Filtering     FAIL" .  I spent 3hrs on the phone with HP support and also conferenced in Verizon Fios support.  Finally HP support says the printer wireless was bad.  This was not the case.  I brought the printer back to Office Depot and the connected to their Wi-Fi in about 2 minutes with no issues.  By the way, I was able to connect the printer via ethernet wire and the printer worked fine.  I have connected to my Fios router using 3 different laptops, Wii game console, DROID cell phone, and iPod touch without issue.

What is up with wireless printers?  Does Verizon have a fix?

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Just buy Ethernet cables and use them. My brother printer is connected by Ethernet. The cables aren't that much btw, cat 5 will do and its cheap.

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This completely defeats the purpose of having a wireless enabled printer.  Why is it that printers seem to have an issue with connecting to the router?

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With respect to the Brother printer ... that has been discussed at length previously on this forum with no resolution.   Sounds like the HP may be experiencing the same difficulties.   First step for the HP is to try the WPA/WPA2 security modes first and make sure that on the screen on the router configuration where you turn on WPA2 you also make sure that Mac Filtering is turned OFF.


I suspect there is some compatibility issue with the Brother and HP and the ActionTec/Westell routers.  Shouldn't be the case since it's a standard, but with respect to the Brother, it's about the only thing we can come up with since we tried all else.


My suggestion here is to not use the ActionTec/Westell for wireless -- but instead go get a mainstream Wireless Access Point from Belkin, Linksys, Dlink, etc. and use that -- a nice Wireless N access point will give you an improved wireless range and I've not heard of any issues here of compatibility.


Folks here can help you configure up the access point once you have it.



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If you need to have wireless because the printer is far away from the router (like over 100ft away or on a different floor) then follow lasagna's advice. If the printers are in the same room or maybe in the next room then get 50ft or whatever Ethernet cable (if printer supports Ethernet). Getting wireless access points or other devices would be a more expensive solution if the printer isn't that far away, thats what I meant in my earlier post. 

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I noticed this thread is over six months old but the problem still exists.  I just bought an HP Photosmart Premium C410a All-In-One printer.  It will not connect to the Verizon Actiontek MI424WR router, fails the MAC filtering test.  Spent a half hour on the phone with Verizon (no resolution) and 3 hours with HP (no resolution).  Sharing the printer in a home network defeats the purpose of wireless and is not acceptable as I do not want to have another PC powered on on just to get to the printer.  Has anyone been able to resolve the "MAC filtering" wireless failure?

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Here is what solved the "MAC filtering = Failed" problem for me.  Unplugged the internet input from the router.  Went back to the printer and tried wireless setup again - still failed.  I went back to the router and plugged the internet connection back in.  Powered off the router, powered it back on.  Went back to the printer and noticed the the wireless light on and it was connected.  Everything works correctly

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