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Connect Wireless Printer to FIOS Network

Connect Wireless Printer to FIOS Network

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i followed the instructions provided from above and I confirm that it worked for me



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I had problems getting my wireless printer to work after upgrading to FIOS.  The solution turned out to be going into the FIOS router functions and setting the Firewall Settings to "Minimum Security (Low)" so that both the inbound and outbound polices are set to "accept".  After that, running the printer installation software worked fine.  The FIOS router default Firewall Setting is "Typical Security (Medium)" which has an inbound policy of "reject".  This was blocking my printer from linking properly with my home notebook computer.

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I have two wireless printers. They installed with no problem. The problem is that the etwork address keeps changing everytime we turn on one of the printers. One time it will be and the next time it will be It there anyway to lock in the address. We have to be able to turn the printers on and off as needed.

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khoner wrote:

It there anyway to lock in the address.

There are two ways to do this.


  1. At the printer.  Each printer should allow you to assign it a static IP address.  You would do this through however you configure the printer (setup program, front panel, etc). 

    2)  In the router.  Go to Advanced, IP Address Distribution, Connection List; If the printer appears in the list, click on it, Check the Static Lease checkbox, Apply.


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I did the same thing and it worked.

I unplugged the router and plugged it back in and when I got back to the printer it was connected.



bjh7621 wrote:

Here is what solved the "MAC filtering = Failed" problem for me.  Unplugged the internet input from the router.  Went back to the printer and tried wireless setup again - still failed.  I went back to the router and plugged the internet connection back in.  Powered off the router, powered it back on.  Went back to the printer and noticed the the wireless light on and it was connected.  Everything works correctly


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I have an HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus.  Had this exact same problem...wireless connection failed due to MAC address filtering, which WAS turned off on the verizon-provided router. 


This solution worked for me and is even simpler than what the author stated worked for him.


I went through the normal wireless connection process on the printer (wholely on the printer, it is a wireless enabled device in its own right) and let it fail.  I told it to keep the current settings even though the connection attempt failed even though it found my sysid and I provided the correct WEP key.


Then I turned off my Verizon router, waited a couple minutes, and turned the router back on.


As the author said, as soon as the router came back up, so did the little blue light indicating that the printer was successfully connected.  It was and was working fine, installed correctly. 


There was no need to disconnect the router from the internet connection or disconnect anything for that matter.


I suspect that many of the HP Officejet printers will have this problem connecting and will connect successfully using this workaround.



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Thanks - this worked like a charm for me too.  No changes to router , security etc., just a couple of steps

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Turning off the wireless completely and powering back on worked perfectly.  Thanks, you just saved me lots of time on the phone with a call center!!!

Location: northern VA
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this worked for me as well, on an HP photosmart D110


Go to wireless setup screen (on printer), just before it searches for network.


Turn off the fios router, give it a solid 10 sec before turning back on.


Return to printer, have it search, select your SSID (network name), then enter your password (if password protected) and it should recognize the network

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Well I got mine to work it works grea I turned off the router and came into the back room and it was connected. Did't have to go throught that setup again. thanks


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