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Connecting printer to modem/router

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Connecting printer to modem/router

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This may not be the right board to post, but is there anyway to connect a printer to the Verizon modem/router so that they can print wirelessly from a laptop? Just wondering, or do I have to bite the bullet to buy a wireless printer router.
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Re: Connecting printer to modem/router

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The only way to connect a printer to a router would be through a ethernet cable or using one of those USB to ethernet adapters (they don't work with all printers so watch out). 
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Re: Connecting printer to modem/router

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You may need to make sure that your printer is a "network capable" printer. I've been using a small HP connected to my DSL router for over a year and it has been great. All computers and laptops in the house have wireless access to router and thus the printer. The printer was around $100, so not a huge investment and you can remove all the diret connect printers from around your house.

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Re: Connecting printer to modem/router

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If you have the printer currenly connected to a PC on your network you could "share" the printer from that PC. Of course the PC with the printer connected would need to be on when ever you wanted to print from your laptop. This would not require any additional hardware and you would not need the printer connected to the router. If the overall goal is to not share the printer through an existing PC, the other solutions would be required. Here are four options.


1. Share the printer through an existing PC on your network.

2. Use a USB to ethernet adapter or print server.

3. Install a network capable printer.

4. If your printer is a network printer, set the network address to a static address that is not in your DHCP address distribution list in the router, and connect it to one of the lan ports on the router. You would need to have your laptop printer driver set for a TCP/IP printer port equal to the network address set in your printer.

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Re: Connecting printer to modem/router

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oh bhoy


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