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Data limit?

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Data limit?

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  When it was just my husband and I we had no problems with Armstrong Cable's 200GB limit each month.  Recently, my step-son moved in with us and our nephew.  Our nephew is going to college in the spring for programming and son is starting high school.  My nephew spends several hours a day streaming on the internet learning about programming and working on projects.  I am am finishing up a college degree myself and on the computer constantly doing research.  Oh, and my step daughter is with us a third of the time as well.  


We have four lap-tops, two desktops, a Roku, a Sony Internet Tv Reciever, four cell phones, two iPods, all connected to the internet, not mention two XBox 360's connected to the internet.  It is not uncommon to find, my daughter in her room watching tv (netflix) on her iPod, My husband streaming in the bedroom either Pandora or something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, my son playing on the XBox with his friends using data, me on my laptop working on school stuff or surfing the web, and my nephew on his laptop.  I have two screens so sometime I might have something streaming on the second screen in the background.  This month alone we are at 350 GB of data and still have 7 days in our billing cycle left.  


We are just a very high tech family that uses a lot of Data and are getting punished for it.  We are not running any servers.  We don't watch live tv, so we choose to stream our tv when the mood strikes to watch something.  Paying for tv services would be a waste of our hard earned money, which we know from experience and why we dropped it.  No one missed it.  We just want an internet provider who can respect and understand our family dynamic and not punish us because we are not like the average people.  When my daughter decides to move in full-time and my husband starts programming classes in the spring, our usage could easily increase again.  I can understand punishing people breaking the law or the rules, but cannot wrap my mind around doing so to normal people who just use a lot of data.  

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Re: Data limit?

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I haven't seen any posts recently with supporting evidence that Verizon is capping a user's service.  What type plan do you have, and what leads you to believe that your data use is being limited?

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Re: Data limit?

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FiOS doesn't have data caps.  My household has lots of data users, just like yours.  I've no idea how much data we use nor has Verizon every said anything to me about it.


Can you better describe what service you're using and how you're measuring your usage?




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Re: Data limit?

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350GB?  Pffft. 


VZ does have a cap, although they don't document it publicly.  The cap is around 10TB (yes TB) per month.

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Re: Data limit?

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It was actually 77 TB and that still boggles my mind when I think about it.


FiOS customer discovers the limits of “unlimited” data: 77TB a month Average 50TB a month—30,000 percent higher than average—and Verizon will call.

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Re: Data limit?

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In short, don't worry about data caps on FiOS at the moment. If you run across any issue with data limits, make it public. 

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