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Deceptive sales/marketing practice

Deceptive sales/marketing practice

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I was contacted by Fios several times inviting me to review a 'special offer' that had been put together 'just for me'.  I logged into my Verizon account and in a very well laid out, and seamingly simple comparison I was shown side by side the cost of my current package and the cost of a 2 year extension package.  The difference was significant.  But I kept digging into the details and something just did not seem right.  As it turns out, the amount that was being displayed for my current package was the cost of the tirple play bundle + my current discounts + my set top box rentals +............   The amount that was being displayed for my 'special offer' was only the amount for the triple play- the cost of the set top box rentals ..... were not included- even though they would have to be paid.      


Verizon made the layout so simple and so compelling and so easy to switch (just click one button) that I can see how thousands of people would have switched.   Even if a good portion of those people were to complain after a few months of increased bills there are still going to be many people that will not review their bills and pay the increased cost for the same service without realizing it.


This practice is distasteful.

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Gold Contributor VII
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The problem is the customer is supposed to look any offer carefully and compare costs, discounts, length of contract with the additional add ones (stb fees for example) then place taxes and fees on to arrive at the total cost. Then factor in the loss of previous discounts.


yes it may seem to good to be true, but you were smart enough to compare and did not fall for it. Others will have to choose for themselves.

This forum is a customer helping customer forum, so the buyer beware posts normally just fall to the wayside. There are better forums to post on out there with much greater exposure.


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