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Default DNS server IP addresses

Default DNS server IP addresses

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I was having problems tracking down the default IP addresses for the FIOS DNS servers and saw others were having the same problem. Finally got them (at least, the ones for Maryland FIOS) and figured I'd post them in case they were of use to others:


Hope this can help someone.

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Those are all Level 3 DNS servers.  How did you determine those are the FiOS default servers?


I don't use the default servers but if I did my Actiontec shows them to be and

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I waited for around 20 minutes for a support rep to finally show up on the live chat support Smiley Wink My question to them was, "What are the IP addresses of the default DNS servers that I should use for Prince George's County, MD?" Those were the ones they provided. 

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Well....Level 3 DNS servers should be ok to use but I still don't buy they're a FiOS default.


If you login to your Actiontec's interface and look at the System Monitoring page, what does it say the DNS servers are?

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Those are Verizon DNS servers and I'd say they are the Verizon defaults in your area.

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Those are old BBN/Genuity/Level 3 DNS's which IMO ROCK.


I like those dns's better than any others personally.


The default Verizon DNS's are default by region, so a list of dns's would be pretty large.     

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Interesting. Wonder why that wasn't what they provided. Thanks for the explanation.

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If you want to see what DNS servers work best in your location, get GRC's DNS Benchmark utlity (free) here:


It will show you what smokes and what pokes.  Smiley Happy

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Hubrisnxs - & are the ones you prefer?


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