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Do FIOS speeds change if switching from coax to Cat 6?

Do FIOS speeds change if switching from coax to Cat 6?

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Location: New Jersey
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Long story short, I'm no longer using FIOS for TV and am leaning toward replacing my Actiontech router with my Airport Extreme.


I understand the process needed to switch the ONT from a coax/MOCA connection to Cat 6, however before I implement the change, I wanted to make sure I won't be sacrificing my FIOS speed by doing so.


So, will using a Cat 6 connection from the ONT to my Airport Extreme give me the same down/up speeds as the current coax to Actiontech setup? Thanks in advance.

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Silver Contributor V
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It may improve.  The real underlying speed itself should not change, but some have improved response and ping, resulting in a improvement in throughput which you will perceive as a speed increase.

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If you're on the 150Mbps package, there will be a speed increase. If not, you'll find the latency simply dropping a bit to be closer to that of a dedicated fiber connection.

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Location: New Jersey
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Everything went off without a hitch. Very painless process. Strung cat 6 cable from ONT to Airport Express. (Second Airport Express connected via Bridge Mode with Cat 6 cable.) Called Verizon tech and they switched everything over the phone - took about 10 minutes. Speeds actually increased a small bit, nothing dramatic - but they didn't decrease as you guys accurately predicted. Thanks for the help.


As for the FIOS router, could I use it to extend my wireless network to the third floor? No way I'm rigging a Cat 6 cable up there, but if I can extend it wirelessly, might as well. Don't know what else to do with it.

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Platinum Contributor II
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Glad to hear everything went off without an issue!


The best way to extend Wireless using the ActionTec would be to use the MoCa capabilities of the ActionTec. You can simply hang a MoCa adapter off of your AirPort router, and using Coax if there is a cable running upstairs, simply run a MoCa link to the ActionTec which can be then set up as an Access Point. If MoCa isn't an option, then I would really suggest using a PowerLine Adapter from your AirPort to the ActionTec. Best to run the ActionTec as an Access Point over a repeater.


If you're looking to do this Wirelessly, you will have to install DD-WRT to your FiOS router if by any chance you have a Rev. A, C, or D ActionTec. DD-WRT supports Wireless Client Bridging and thus can act as a repeater or as a simple Wireless to Ethernet gateway. Just do keep in mind, since the ActionTec is a Wireless G router, if your AirPort does Wireless N, it will throttle the AirPort down to G Speeds. Also, speeds on the repeated signal from the ActionTec will be half of what the ActionTec gets to/from the AirPort.

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Location: New Jersey
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Thanks for the suggestions Smith, that just seems a bit more than I'm willing to do though - especially the DD-WRT install. Reading through the instructions, it's not a simple process for a FIOS router. (I'm techie, but not THAT techie.) And a cable run - coax or Cat 6 - is a no-go. Guess I'll just pack it away in mothballs, case I ever need it again. I don't want to return it to Verizon for fear they'll shut off my internet, like they temporarily did when I returned my TV STBs. Thanks again.

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You're most certainly welcome Smiley Happy

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