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Do I have to return my old router if I purchased a G1100 Quantum Gateway?

Do I have to return my old router if I purchased a G1100 Quantum Gateway?

Contributor hawsco
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Registered: ‎12-21-2012
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I purchased a G1100 gateway from VZ and the range is terrible compared to my old MI424WR.

I want to use the old one as a bridge to boost signal in now weak and dead areas I never had before.

Since the price of my internet/phone bundle stays the same even though I purchased an "accessory" from VZ, why must I return it?


MVP Smith6612 MVP
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In most cases Verizon won't ask for the old router back unless it was a rented unit. Are they asking for the old one back?

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Registered: ‎04-29-2011

Even if Verizon wanted the old router back, I would describe the issue and ask Verizon to waive the charge for the old router, unless they can help you to improve the range.

Contributor hawsco
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎12-21-2012

They want the old one back, or pay 99.99 pls tax for it. I don't understand, as my double play internet/phone plan details show router included in monthly service price no additional charge.

I spent a half hour with a rep on the phone, explained the G1100 problem, that it is a common complaint, and since I am already paying for the old router as part of my service plan, how can I be required to return it just because I paid for the new one and own it? Had I not purchased the new one, I would not have to return the old one. Logic please?

They denied knowing of any problems with the G1100, and could offer no reason why I need to return, other than the warning to send it back, or I WILL be billed for it. "My screen says you have to send it back" is not a reason!


I dislike the Verizon culture, as new customers are given great discounts and plans, but loyal long term ones are bullied with huge contract price increases and foolishness like this. Customer retention is not a priority to them, and they don't care if you stay, or go.


After my contract expires, I'm leaving for good. In fact, I regret renewing it in the first place.

Contributor john99
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I just purchased the new router myself, and am appalled at the degradation in range. I've even moved it to better locations (within limits) and it is awful. My garage system got 3 bars on my old router and will not connect with this one, at least for long. The adapter on the computer picks up neighbors with 5 bars on occasion and they are farther away. I only bought it because of the promised range increase.


Now I read that I have to return the old one too? I only saw this mentioned once in all the hoops I jumped through to order the new one, and it specified 'if rental'. I have already ordered a bearextender for the garage machine. If that doesn't work either I will not be happy.

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