Do I really need the Actiontec router?

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Re: Do I really need the Actiontec router?

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@Telcoguru wrote:
The ActionTec router assigns IP addresses to the set top boxes using MOCA via the coaxial cable. If you are not getting TV then you need to be provisioned for Ethernet to use your own router like the previous poster stated.


I keep reading this same sentence whenever I do a search on this topic, but I'm still having a hard time getting my head around it.  How is it that the ActionTec is involved if the TV is still distributed over the cable?  I only see one coax port on the ActionTec, so is it split off of the cable plant and acting as a pseudo-DHCP server to assign IPs?  I don't think it's taking video over the ONT's Ethernet and redistributing it over the coax, is it?


Also, it's further confusing in Verizon's own installation descriptions (which, I know, are simplistic), but they don't even mention a router except for Internet installations.  When only supplying FiOS TV they state that the ONT will be connected to the existing cable plant in your home.  They further go on to say that media guides, widgets and VODs will be tested, but they don't mention that extra equipment is required aside from the STBs.


I know that I'm missing something here.

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Re: Do I really need the Actiontec router?

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In order for you to be able to use VOD the coax is required. What it does is send out a signal that comes from to router to all the boxes. 
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Re: Do I really need the Actiontec router?

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as stated-you need the VZ router to send the channel guide to your TV boxes  BUT-you can daisy chain your home router to the VZ router and use your home router for distribution (including wirelsss) to your PCs, IPODS.


I daisy chain my LINKSYS router to the VZ router, by changing the LINKSYS router settings to "router" and connecting via an ethernet wire betweeen each routers ethernet port.  This setup makes the LINKSYS router just a router and not a gateway.  The LINKSYS website has specifics.


I use my LINKSYS for wireless because it's signal is much stronger and cleaner than the VZ.  I also have high gain antennaes on my LINKSYS


The basic steps are to:

1-set a local IP address to the LINKSYS to another number (so it does not confilct with VZ's  I chose

2-change the DHCP server setting to "disable"

3-in advanced routing, select "router" vice "gateway"

4-connect the two routers together via using an ethernet out port on each router

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Re: Do I really need the Actiontec router?

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I just had my FiOS internet and TV installed yesterday, and I received the new Westell's.


I will be checking if the LAN is licensed for 1 Gb/s (right now, I have it connected to my Buffalo WHR-G125, so it is 100Mb/s Full). It doesn't appear as though VZ licensed the 802.11N for the wireless. 


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