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Does Verizon ever reassign the same IP address to the same router/account holder?

Does Verizon ever reassign the same IP address to the same router/account holder?

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So the other day I had cause to get a new public IP address. I went into the router settings and found the release & renew buttons. I did that, and the next morning I had a new IP address. But then a few days later, I discovered that I once again had a new IP address without me doing anything. Without going into a whole story about it, do I need to worry that I will ever be reassigned an IP address that had already assigned to me before?

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Your connection is DHCP, so it might change to an IP you had or it might not. My IP has be the same for several weeks. The only was to guarantee the same IP is to sign up as a business account with a static IP.

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As Edg1 described, consumer accounts are dynamic IP assignment from Verizon.  Their system can change your IP address anytime DHCP requests a renewal.  It may give your router the same address it had before, it may not.  It may give out an address that your router had a long time ago.   You have no control over what IP address Verizon assigns your router.


Further, when an address is released, Verizon can assign it to another user's router.  Depending on what your "cause to get a new public IP" was, this may mean another unsuspecting user gets stuck with the problem.




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