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Does Verizon have the Customer in mind?

Does Verizon have the Customer in mind?

Contributor questionman
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Does Verizon believe in customer service. I was given a date and a time window for Fios installation. I waited around for 2.5 hrs and no one showed. I had to call to find out when the installation team would show up. I was then told that there was an engineering problem and that they would not be coming to do the installation.


My issue: Why didn't anyone from Verizon call to give me that information a week ago. I went thru my house moving stuff around for ease of access for the installation team. I had to completely move my wife's office around so the installer could reach the modem, etc.


What a pain. Now I must put everything back and redo it again later when the installation team can make it. Not only did I waste 2.5 hours and I probably would have lost more time if I didn't make the phone call. Is this the beginning of things to come with Verizon? I'm starting to rethink my decision going with your company.

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On the Verizon forums here, we are all customers just like you. I'm sorry to hear about this issues your having - hopefully they'll be resolved soon.


However I can gaurantee you once they figure it out, FiOS is far superior to any other cable or DSL provider available. It's ashame they have the customer support record they do, given the network itself is an incredibly good product.


Best of luck with your install!

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When Verizon acquired MCI Communications the fiber was laid so it was a no brainer to offer what they did.


customer support is hit or miss with this company based on the mentality of sell, sell and sell. Being that they are a large company (as was the original AT&T) they believe in they are too big to trouble with a small percentage of consumer complaints. The people they hire for support are not trained properly, and if they cannot cajole the customer with unkept support or billing problems they use the “disconnect option” which is a further distraction to not provide customer support.


it should be a simple process to hook up a customer to what ever services they opted for be it just internet or a internet and phone or internet, phone and tv of which then it’s verizons responsibility to maintain the service level without any issues.


many times it is the customers playing around with the equipment that cause their own issues, other times it can be faulty equipment or in rare cases storms or natural disasters cause the problem. You cannot blame Verizon for those problems.


i can say my internet has been great, no issues outside of poor provisioning when I went to gigabyte service, but it was corrected with a phone call.


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I totally agree with @JustinG, Verizon Fios is far superior to any other cable or DSL provider available. I have found the quickest way to get assistance is through the Verizon Fios Support Team via their twitter handle @VerizonSupport. 

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