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Does my router not support 802.11n?

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Does my router not support 802.11n?

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I have the default router that Verizon supplied me with when they came to setup FIOS internet in my house. It is the Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. E.


When I went into the online settings of the router, I noticed that in the wireless broadcasting section, the only two options that were available were wireless B and wireless G broadcasting. Here is a screenshot of that page:



As you can see there is no option for 802.11n. Also, when I hover over my wireless internet connection icon in the windows taskbar, for the radio type it displays 802.11g. Here is a screenshot of that:



So what I'm wondering is if the fios router they gave me supports 802.11n. As you may already know the range for 802.11n is greater than the range for g and b, and with my router being in my basement and my computer being two stories above that, I need as much range as I can get. Is there anything I could do to allow this router to use 802.11n if it in fact doesn't already have it enabled?


And are there any other routers that you can recomment that will be compatible with Verizon Fios?



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Re: Does my router not support 802.11n?

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yes, it is only 802.11 b/g


you need the VZ router for your tv guide pay movies etc to work.


you can attach any other router you like downstream of the vz router, either as a different subnet lan port to wan port or bridging the 192.168.1 subnet by lan port to lan port.

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Re: Does my router not support 802.11n?

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Your current actiontec doesn't support N only B+G. Any router will work with the verizon fios modem/router so you can get a wireless n router , whatever you do don't buy the actiontec type n router its not as good as it sounds. Just buy a different 3rd party router and hook it up to your actiontec router. I like netgear so I choice netgear as my router but go with whatever router brand you like except the actiontec type n.

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Re: Does my router not support 802.11n?

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Correct, get an N router and use these instructions to hook it up.


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Re: Does my router not support 802.11n?

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I see. So I just buy any wireless N router, and connect it to the fios router via Ethernet?


Also, I have another question. Let's say that I got a third party wireless N router, but instead of directly hooking it up to the Actiontec router, I use one of these powerline adapters ( This way, in the basement I have the main FIOS router connected to one powerline adapter, and then on the third floor I have the second powerline adapter connected to the third party wireless N router. Would that work as well? I would probably get the best signal on my computer that way, correct?

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