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Ethernet cable needed?

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Ethernet cable needed?

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Just moved from an apartment into a new house and had Fios Internet setup. I only have Internet and TV service. In my old apartment the Actiontec Router was only connected via the coax cable. (Had no set top box).

The Fios tech that came out installed the Actiontec router via oax and ethernet cable in the living room, even though i wanted th wifi router in another room. Reason fo him, easy, fast and lazy.

Now my question: When i move my router to another room where i have only coax, will internet work? Tried unplugging and had no connection. Why? Running ethernet to the new location is a pain.


Thanks guys.

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Re: Ethernet cable needed?

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Depending on you speed, you can ask Verizon to provision internet via coax instead of ethernet.

when they do that, make sure to release IP before moving it over to coax.

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Re: Ethernet cable needed?

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Up to 75Mbps, Coax can be used. Any higher requires Ethernet.


Verizon is doing all new installs as Ethernet only, which is part of the reason why the tech left the router where they left it. This is because the speed tiers continue to outgrow the pace the MoCa Coax networking can scale.

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Re: Ethernet cable needed?

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Leave the router where it is.   Otherwise you'll need to go thru the complexity of either extending the ethernet handoff to your new location or getting them to switch your provisioning to Coax.


Easiest for your needs is to likely leave the installation as it is now and purchase a MoCA bridge (you can get Verizon's Network Extender or save yourself money and get your own online -- such as the ECB2600 from ActionTec).    Plug the bridge into the coax in your other room and it will automatically bridge to the router Vz installed.  The bridge will have an ethernet out on it which is on the "private" LAN side of the router to which you can directly attach any device you wish.

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Re: Ethernet cable needed?

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Thanks for the answers. Running on coax only right now, and it works. (have only the 50 speed).

I also tried the network extender from Verizon, but that thing doesn't work at all. (read that before in another topic)

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Re: Ethernet cable needed?

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Hi m70:

My WCB3000N  been working for a couple of years now.



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