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Extending Router Help - Old stone house

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Extending Router Help - Old stone house

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I've been reading through some old threads but was hoping someone could help boil this down for me to what the best option is for my situation.


I've for a real old house where the outerwalls are about a foot and a half thick so my wifi doesn't go far at all.

I'm trying to get things setup so that I can get wifi throughout most of the house as well as outside in the driveway/yard/deck.  They really kill the signal so much that I dont show that I have any wifi signal in the kitchen which is like 25-30 feet from the router.


The fios router is in the living room, which was an addition to the stone walls are also internally blocking within the house and not just blocking to outside.  


There are at a minimum 2 others inside areas i'd like to get coverage (kitchen and master bedroom), and then also outside.  I got one of the powerline adapters setup for a baby monitor in the one bedroom which worked, but it doesn't have wifi which is fine for that room.


My one thought it to buy 3-4 of these powerline wifi adapters, but not sure how good the range is on the wifi.


If I go that route, do I only need 1 connected to the wall and via wire to the router in the linving room which would 'activate' the electrical wiring, and then i can plug in 3 or 4 of these in different spots on the other ends and get wifi in those rooms?


Is this an okay option or would it be better (or some combination) to have a second/third router (or repeater?) in different places to get a better wifi signal.  Thinking that if I put one of the powerline ones outside then the range wont be too great and a router might be better.  If i need a router, can anyone tell me which kind I should go with?  Thinking the plug and play is the easier path.  If I get a router, can i plug that into a powerline plug outside?  Is that the easiest/best option?  I assume it has to be somehow wirelined in, but I dont want put wires everwhere.  there is coax in a few spots (although not outside) if I can somehow tap into that.


I'd prefer not to move the router from the living room due to logistics (and would need to make sure I get it back in there anyway).


Sorry for the long question but any help is appreciated.

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Re: Extending Router Help - Old stone house

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Looks like your powerline adapter has Wi-fi built into it already. I don't have a very big house, but my main Verizon router is in the living room, and the signals in the back is erractic. So I got the Netgear XAV2001 powerline adapter orginally so I won't have to run ethernet wiring to the back of the house for speed and reliability, so my desktop connection in the BR can run faster.


I have this setup for five years now.


The Wi-fi that came with it was a bonus, I set up a separate SSID for it, and my daughter uses it exclusively now, her BR is right next to ours, and the signal strength seems to be good throughout the house. I was going to get a repeater for her orginally, when she complained about her Wi-fi, but the Wi-fi from the powerline adapter made it unnecessary.


So I instead bought a 5-port switch, ran the powerline ethernet to it, and hooked her up to internet, as her desk is right behind the wall to my desktop. Originally, she just used the Wi-fi, but now used ethernet more on her laptop watching movies. I know, wiring is messy, but for me, it's only one cable across the room to my from the adapter to the switch and my desktop, and another short cable to her room.


If I were you, I would see first see how the powerline adapter Wi-fi''s work out before getting more repeaters or routers, and the adapters are very cost effective.

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Re: Extending Router Help - Old stone house

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