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Extremely Often Temporary Internet Loss

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Extremely Often Temporary Internet Loss

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Not sure how I feel about Verizon FIOS since we moved back from Texas, it's been a massive headache and we don't get the higher end speeds to make up for it. I'm just not sure if I should keep trying anymore.


I used to call once or twice a month for the better part of a year because my router would just cease to work spontaneously for half a day and id have to go through the whole phone process every time just to get the guy to reset the house (ONT junk was in a very awful place to service I might add), on top of the router being mounted 2 feet from the ceiling in my laundry room with crushed cords that amazingly wasn't the issue. Moved maybe 10 houses down the street with the same issue, got a new (used) router from the tech guys because I was tired of it and it didn't work, and it took maybe 5 more calls to get someone to upgrade the firmware on my ONT or something, which seemingly made it work fine. They initially wanted to send someone out, but worded it oddly saying you'll have to pay ~$80 bucks if its your issue, which was never really explained by anyone correctly and was worrysome seeing as id have to basically wait for it to die to even have something for the guy to work with. 


It was fine for a month or so, and now the connection will spontaneously cut out for a few seconds a few times every hour across wired and wireless. I'm not seeing any real interference that could have been added which was the only technical reasoning I could find on this website. It's not horribly debilitating, but when gaming or using things like Gmail, the sudden connection loss can be extremely annoying if timed correctly.


I'm not really in the mood to contact anyone by phone anymore. I've spent way too long listening to that screeching horror-esque music before having to just tell the guy to reset my houses services, if I don't get one that makes me go through all of the unplugging. The Verizon In-Home Agent is outstandingly slow, and not intuitive in the slightest, and the website has an amass of infinite loops and redirects before I could finally get here, and yet I'm probably not going to get anything solved before I move to Orlando next year.


There's a large lack of more technical support on this website, the agent gives you a ton of information but will take you years to get there if you find it if it doesn't just stop working (I have a very current computer), and i've been on the phone for over an hour before on hold. At the least, i've seen a couple other people talk about random connection drops.



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