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Extremely Slow Download Problem

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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(2,114 Views) need to supply more info if you expect to get any suggestions/help.  For starters:


What FiOS plan to you have?


What are the results of speed tests at and ?


What kind of computer are you using?  Windows version?  Mac version?


And what makes you think your connection is slower than it was with your previous ISP? (unlikely 🙂 )


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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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I also have extremely slow download problem. Actually tech guy went on my computer did all the resetting the modem. It didn't improve. So he contacted a local technician to see if my modem is bad several days later, but when he arrived in the morning the broadband speed was back up again to 35Mbp and he said I don't need to do anything. He was about to replace the Actiontec router but I thought it wasn't necessary because it is working fine that morning.  But several days later, I am experiencing same slow download speed again. Bumming!

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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ok, my d/l speed is 20.44 mbps, u/l is 5.438 mbps my package is 15/mbps/5. my system is windows vista., 32. what else do you need? of course i downloaded and purchased the speed optimizer (which i suspect i didn't need.... i am NOT tech savvy, that's why i posted.) and YES i do think it's slower, thanks, liz, ps:  i'm sorry if i expect too much. Smiley Surprised

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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well the speed coming from verizon is fine, in fact it looks like they are giving you a little more than you asked for.  you wanted 15/5 and they are giving 20/5


So it may in fact be the PC.  It could be from the software verizon installed, but basically something is hanging you up.


I will tell you to try just a few things, and I think one of them might fix it.


It's also important if you are wired or wireless, with those speeds I am assuming that you are wired.


if you're wireless - please let me know.


Since I think you're wired, you should do the following and let me know which helped and which didn't



  • Try a 2nd Browser like Google Chrome or Firefox (possible browser issue can be identified by testing in a 2nd browser)
  • Test it from a 2nd machine like a laptop, friends or work computer


again if your wireless then let me know, it might be a different fix for that.  

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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{please keep your posts courteous} My upload speed is only .944!!!!!!!!1 Upload a slow 13.174. Just put in a new router and that did not help

So much for FIOS!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry I signed up with them

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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I'm new customer of FIOS - just over two weeks. My service is 35/35. The only time I could get speed I've paid for is when I connected to the router (MI424WR rev. F) directly. For the BANDWIDTH test I've used site.

I’ve already received replacement for the original router, because Verizon rep. suspected that there was something wrong with equipment.

I tried everything I could imagine: different channels (went through each of them), turned off Verizon wireless and tried to use Belkin wireless N+ router, tried 4 different laptops with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit) and one desktop with windows XP.

I'm not getting bandwidth better then 13/14-15 (for some reason upload is always faster) on any computer. Not for one which is within 2 feet from the router, not for one which is 2 floors up.

The only once I manage to climb to the 22 MB when I shut down ALL COMPUTERS in the house except one with "b/g/n" capability, turned of Verizon wireless and used Belkin N+ router for the networking.

I expected that wireless bandwidth should approximately be 30% slower then LAN speed, but never expected it to go as low as 30% or less of the speed I've paid for.

Did anybody ever get better bandwidth for the 35/35 service?

What is the usual bandwidth for those who bough 20/5?

Should I just demand from Verizon to amend my contract, or there is a way to get closer to the really fast internet?


Another question: did somebody tried create truly "N" home network (without "802.11a/b/g" devices)? Was it somehow better or the same?Smiley Mad

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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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Please explain "NOTE:  Your actiontec router gets its internet connection from the COAX cable. That means that you can move the actiontec to any room that has a working TV outlet connected to the FiOS system."  I have my actiontec router plugged into a phone jack in the wall.  The only COAX cable I'm aware of in the house is what my Directv unit uses.  My download speed is stuck around 1.01 mb/s in spite of adding capacity to my plan


Also, is it possible to drive a second router in another room (for greater range) off the first without the need for an cable between them?


Lastly, can I program/install a new router without it being physically connected to my computer?  My existing GT704WG which I mentioned is plugged into a telephone jack is in another room from my computer.  I also have a D-Link 2750B and an Actiontec MI424-WP Rev E which I have available but have not installed yet.  Would one of them work better for me?

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Extremely Slow Download Problem

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If you have a second actiontec for use, it would be great to use.  You can plug it into any room that has a working fios coax connection, and then follow these instructions to configure.



Configure MI424WR as a LAN MoCA Bridge 


More details about that configuration here. 

And yes you can hook up a second router too if it gives you better wireless range, but the first two links are the preferred method to conect additional rooms and to extend your network. 


If you don't have an actiontec to use try these instructions

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