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FIOS Availablity

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FIOS Availablity

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I have put my name on the list for FIOS for quite a few years. Never seemed to go anywhere. I have enjoyed Veriozn Wireless service for almost ten years. It seems like in this country monopolies are not illegal anymore. How is I can only have one cable provider, Comcast. Also I have contacted Verizon and they can offer me DSL and the speed would be 1.1 to 3 Mbits. Someone explain to me why that is considered high speed in today's high speed world. Comcast is the only one that can give me any speed in my area. Not like I live in the county and FIOS is availablity is in four counties surround me. Please Verizon bring FIOS to Reading PA in Berks County.

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Re: FIOS Availablity

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Verizon stopped expanding Fios in 2010.


Don't expect any help from anyone.


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Re: FIOS Availablity

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There is some hope that after FIOS sells off all service areas outside the NE, there may be some expansion as they have stated they want to concentrate on the NE area.
You can hope, but only time will tell.

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