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FIOS Connection sometimes disconnects briefly for all devices

FIOS Connection sometimes disconnects briefly for all devices

Contributor SparkyHamster
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I have an issue where the WiFi disconnects for about one minute anytime from once per day to once per half hour. The disconnect affects every device using the WiFi, even if it is right next to the router/modem. After the minute passes, the Wifi reconnects automatically and then behaves normally. Even though the disconnect is short, it has very inconvenient effects for certain applications. This issue has persisted for many months.


Router:  Actiontec Mi424WR Rev. 1 from Verizon, Coax connection

Modem: D-Link DSL-6300V-I from Verizon


While the internet is disconnected, the VDSL light on the modem is off and the Internet light on the router is off. 


I've had a Verizon service person come by, but the internet was working at that time, as it usually is, so they didn't find any problems. Obviously something is wrong though, because I've had this exact same router and modem setup in a different apartment room last year and never experienced this issue.


Is there anything you know of that might cause this issue, or any way I can diagnose it? I have no idea whether this is a hardware issue or something else.


Thanks for the help!

Contributor RaviC
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I am having the same exact issue. I did not find any solution yet. 

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#1 Does that happen on the wired connection too?


#2 While you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?


#3 How are you connected by wireless 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or both 2.4 and 5 GHz?



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Sounds like a problem witht he cabling from ONT to your VDSL modem.

Do you know if Verizon or apartment complex is responsible for this wiring?

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