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FIOS G110 Router Ethernet connection cycling on and off

FIOS G110 Router Ethernet connection cycling on and off

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I recently upgraded to FIOS Quantum. Got new router and media devices (STB). Phone, wireless and TV are fine, but the Ethernet connection from my Dell Inspiron keeps cycling on and off.
By this I mean as I watch the Windows 10 Ethernet status window, the Ethernet status changes from “Connected” to “Not Connected” continuously.
What I have tried:
- booted and rebooted computer.
- switch to different cable (Verizon provided).
- had Windows check for driver – said that latest was installed.
- had Verzion send me new router.
- ran Windows troubleshooter – when Ethernet status is “Not Connected”, said the cable was unconnected. When Ethernet status was “Connected” said no problems found.
- I am running Norton Internet Security – it’s history shows consistently “IP address has disappeared from adapter Realtek controller”. Turned off auto-protect but same problem continued.
Help is appreciated!
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All LAN ethernet ports go down and it takes a reboot or factory reset to bring it back. This router's WiFi is not impacted by the ethernet issues, although I'd prefer to just run my Ubiquiti (and would if not for it being dropped at random). I have powerline ethernet adapters on the network and PoE devices on the network that are more or less non-negotiable. I also currently have FiOS TV service which I gather is preventing me from cutting the Quantum router out entirely. Any thoughts?
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I'm a relative new FIOS customer and have started to experience the same thing. I just spent a frustrating 90 minutes with 2 people from Verizon. Shame on them for not mentioning this.  And there's no way anyone could plead ignorance after some basic Googling, this is rampant out there!  Worse, the last person I just spoke with told me that they have no back end monitoring, so that I'd have to call them while it's happening so that they can see it to solve it.  How is that possible in this day and age when tech companies were doing this 20 years ago?!?  Even if you assume that is a true statement that they have no way of knowing when things go down, if you read any of the posts, most of the outages only last for seconds or a few minutes at a time.  Good luck trying to get Verizon on the phone and in troubleshoot mode in less than 10 mins!


In any case, from what I've read, most people seem to think that the new routers FIOS uses are the culprit, specifically the LAN ports on the back just stop working. I'll post one of 3 dozen URLs I've seen coming to this same conclusion (not sure if it will get blocked on this board: http://bit.ly/2nNl6GD).


My next call is to a supervisor to get a different brand of router.  Unfortuantely, that won't fix my son being livid with me for getting banned today from Overwatch for dropping out in a competitive due to these internet drops.


I hope that helps.

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Appreciate the link. Also forgot to mention this is my third router. Support keeps insisting on shipping a new box out, and we have been through this cycle every month or two. I try to explain every time, and here we are trying something new Smiley Tongue.
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Follow-up - Verizon is coming out tomorrow.  They could see the drops on their end - - which was not what the last person told me they could (sigh) - but they wouldn't ship a new router in case it was the ONT or wiring between the two (although I don't know how the wiring would be causing intermittent drops, especially since they are where nothing can possibly touch them!


In any case, 2 of the 3 people I spoke with were incredibly nice and patient to deal with.  While it's frustraing to deal with a recurring problem, I'm hopeful that come tomorrow, this pain will end.

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Darren T let us know how it goes. I am having the same issue however I use my own router and not Verizon's g1100. I use a Nighthawk X10 and it drops sporadically also. Once I reboot my router it's fine. Seems to happen every Friday morning and sometimes during the week. Very curious if it's the service but Verizon wants to charge me 150.00 to come out and check my service. They said if it's a problem with the ont I won't be charged but I have a feeling they won't see the problem because it happens so sporadically. 

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Let us know what they find please and thank you!

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Please see the following topic from a couple of years ago which offered a solution to a similar issue that was occurring at the time:


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Hello all - I have finally gotten a knowledgable Verizon representative on the phone who worked with me for over an hour - Jason. He resolved my issue (so far!).

In Windows 10 we went to Device Manager. Then to Network Adapters. Chose my computer's network interface controller (mine Dell has Realtek PCle FE Family). On that screen, we chose the Advanced tab. On next screen we selected the "Speed & Duplex" item - we changed the "value" to "100 Mbps Half Duplex". Saved as we backed out.

So far, I have not experienced the problem. My ethernet stays connected and does not un-connect on it's own. I'm not sure what this setting means, but it worked for me. Thanks to Jason from Verizon!

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