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FIOS Gateway router

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Just bought a 4K tv and was told by Verizon that I needed a 4K set top box, so they sent me that in the mail, but no one told me that I needed a 4K router.  So I purchased the FIOS Gateway router and called tech support in case I needed assistance.  I asked the tech if I could just use the same wires that are in my present router and she said yes.  I did tell her there are two black wires in the box with the 4K router.  I proceeded to tell her that I was unplugging the wire that was plugged in the red square on my old router.  She didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  I told her that the wires go around the entire baseboard in my room because at a time in the past, I was losing internet signal, so the technician stapled two wires around the baseboard of the room and I never had anymore problems losing signals.  I tried to tell the tech on the phone what my setup is with the wires around the room and she didn't seem to comprehend what I was saying.  I said I was going to hang up and talk to someone later because I didn't feel she understood my setup and didn't know what the red square was on my present router that I was going to unscrew the wire from.  I'm totally frustrated now and sorry I bought this new 4K tv.  I know that Verizon would never bother sending a technician to my place to set this up, so I'm thinking just returning the 4K settop box and 4K router back to the store to get a refund.  

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If you send some pictures of the old router and the wires that were connected it would help. Depending on you internet speed you will have both ethernet and coax connected to your router. 

First just try screwing the coax to the router and power it on. If you can get out the internet then give it a few minutes to update and then connect your new 4K  box to the TV.

Contributor drifter
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Hello, thank you for the response.  I had to get this Gateway up and running, so decided to do it myself.  I can't go to work without an internet connection.  I plugged everything in using the same wires and then called a different Verizon number and got a tech guy.  He did some tests on his end and got it running.  He said let's work on the 4K set top box,   The back of the 4K box is totally different, so I'm unable to set it up.   I have Marantz receiver and dvd player attached to tv.   They're sending a tech out over the weekend.    I have attached a photo so you can see.IMG_2048.JPG  

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