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FIOS Internet Speeds :: 75/35 MB not even close WIRED!

FIOS Internet Speeds :: 75/35 MB not even close WIRED!

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Bronze Contributor II
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I looked at your results. I know this is a late response, but there is something going on at that hope. The best thing for Verizon to help is with that tracecert result. The repair tech you call can provide it to their Network Techs. This information is what will help you the best to get it resolved faster.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Based on your traceroute and name, I'm assuming we're neighbors.




Every night from 7:30pm onwards it's complete garbage.

Copper Contributor me88
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if they say that we need to buy someting else we get angry isnt it, i think thats always an option for each of us, like it is the internet company we use, iam not on any side of the story but if i am unhappy with something i just get ride of it

Copper Contributor me88
Copper Contributor
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also you have to be aware that verizon doesnt warranty 100% speed that your paying for, if you read your contract you woul see it, i did.

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I went up to 75/35 as well and saw that my internet speed seemed slower.  Talked with techs and I was told I needed a new router... that I had to pay for.  You would think that the router would come with the plan.  So I bought the new router and my internet speed is now slower.  Last night my speed was so slow my netflix wouldn't even play. I have reset everything and now the speed test shows a 29.95 download speed and a 34.68 upload speed.  Not even close to what I am paying for.  I am very angry I had to buy the 80 dollar router just to have SLOWER internet.  It makes me so mad I'm thinking about cancelling my service.

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I fell for the promo deal for 75 mbps for $10/mo more... no hint that "your mileage may vary" and when I didn't see the speed and looked around at FAQ/Blogs, etc I saw mention of 802.11a/b/g  and "older" equipment, so when I got on the chat with the technician I explicitly asked if he could verify my equipment supported the 802.11n spec (300 mbps) so my wireless would be performant. After 15 minutes of wasting more time with his suggesting things like power reset, etc. We find my [wireless] router cannot deliver.


I ASKED IF THEY COULD SEND ME UPDATED ROUTER. "No - you are getting the 75 mbps on the hardwire so they are meeting SLA"  The support guy I spoke with yesterday said I needed to buy their newest router ($99).


Yet, a new customer will get $400 gift card and highspeed service with [newer wireless "N" capable] router. I'm with Verizon for 9 years at this home, loyal customer prior homes... and have all services -- including their horrid expensive Cellphone (bought on the basis of several lies told by Verizon salesman - who is no longer at the company).   I guess once you're a customer they feel they can hose you over.


What a simply horrid company. I feel sorry to say that for the one or two employees who at some point over the past 9 years did help resolve a problem with service or billing - and the installation team who did a professional job and were helpful (contractors - not employees).


Customer loyalty has no value to Verizon. They have millions of prospects and churn is not a metric the execs look at. 

THE FISH STINK FROM THE HEAD. I suspect some Verizon SVP has set the policy that every chance they get, employees are to take advantage of existing customers. There's a need to make more profit to get the stock price up. 


*** I've called Optimum who also serves this area and has several times insisted they can save me $1000 a year. I am now ready to listen to my options.  http://core-lp-optimum.aiprx.com/tripleplay.php




Contributor motaki
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This is my 3rd consecutive day chatting with tech support.   I am getting 15mbs download speed and erratic upload speeds (usually ranges from 35-75)  


Here's the kicker -- I'm getting 15mbs download speeds on both wifi and when it's connected.


I really don't give a **bleep** if they offer me credit -- I just want what i **bleep** signed up for...  

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