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Contributor anthony_gig
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The FIOS Internet service for the first two years was great, in recent times they have placed some sort of restrictor or filter on the systems which is causing the internet connection to chock. It really gives a poor user experience, it is so bad I'm thinking of returning to Comcast. Frustrated user... 


Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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Verizon has not placed any type of filter or restriction on you..... However, there may indeed be something wrong...


Instead of being frustrated about things not working properly, and complaining about them online... You could be doing something to alleviate the issue.


Contact Technical support at 1 888 553 1555 so they can help you troubleshoot your extremley vaugely described  issue.... and go from there


Good luck


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Contributor anthony_gig
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Registered: ‎06-03-2009
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The fact is I have called FIOS Internet Support 3 times and they are telling me this is how it is supposed to work. HA HA  - You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people. This is just a way to get me to bump up my speeds to get more $$$ out of me. I know you don’t want to hear this on-line because of the fear of other customers realizing the issue is not there's but Verizon FIOS’s greed. Hold on Comcast here I come...... back to high speed with out the gaff.

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Bronze Contributor II
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One of the benefits of FIOS internet service is the stability and consistency of their service, in my experience. If you really believe Verizon is throttling your service to get you to up your speed, you should move to Comcast quickly, where you can watch your speeds yoyo.
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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We don't "filter" traffic. Maybe you should post your actual issue instead of complaining?

Contributor anthony_gig
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Hello HenryFarpolo, 

The YOYO issue is what FIOS Internet Service is doing now, Comcast never had that problem.  



Hello CharlesH (Employee), 

The issue is the Yoyo effect, all of a sudden the systems starts to choke and freezes. I'm using Speakeasy to test the speed and it’s all over the board. You definitely have an issue with your infrastructure (routers & networking).


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Employee Emeritus
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Hello Anthony_gig


A couple tid bits of info that were left out that I would need to help you in trying to figure out the problem:


what speeds are you getting (what speed package are you signed up for)?

Is your connection to the router wired/wireless? 

What operating system is the pc running?

How much memory is on the PC ?

On speak easy what site are you testing (please make sure your are testing the one closest to you)?


You say the "YOyo Effect", are you basing this on the speed test results? Where are you seeing the slowdown? Without knowing what the exact issue you are having with some details it is quite difficult to help resolve it.



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Copper Contributor Chiz
Copper Contributor
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Hello Jim785,


I'm not Anthony_gig but I too have some issues with my Fios speeds that irritate me.  My problem is it's just slow all the time, not a yoyo.  Here are my answers to your questions, please reply with any ideas that you may have to help.


Testing speeds at 6/1.5, paying for 15/2.

Wired connection

XP Home Edition

1.5 GB Ram

Using speak easy and selecting the closest site.


I switched from Verizon DSL a little over a year ago and expected a huge speed difference, but have been real disappointed, although I've been dealing with it, any help/info would be greatly appreciated.




Copper Contributor Chiz
Copper Contributor
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Anybody else getting half the download speed that they pay for???



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Platinum Contributor III
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If you have a problem stop complaining about it and post details about your issues, and perhaps people can help. I had 15/2 and was upgraded to 20/5 for free. Verizon did that across their entire market. There are many posts regarding speed. If you do a search in these forums you will find many. Also it could be something on your PC that has changed. Spyware, virus, hardware. Scan your computer for spyware or viruses. Even the fastest connection can slow to a crawl if you have any of these. Search for information about spyware. You will find many posting with sugested tools.


These forums are user to user, but Verizon has provided many employees with the time to help. Send a PM (Private Mail) to one of the many Verizon Employees that have offered to help. I am sure they could look into your issues and see if there is anything that can be done, or if the system is having issues in your area.


Here is one thread.



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