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FIOS Quantum Router Issue

FIOS Quantum Router Issue

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Everyday now, sometimes more than once, I lose access to the router.  Can't ping the default gateway.  If I wait 20 minutes it comes back.  Everything is wired and I don't use the wireless on the FIOS Quantum router itself.  I have access points throughout the house and switches for wired connections.  All devices all at once go offline.  The router lights are fine as if everything is working ok.  The FIOS TV always stays online and never has an issue.  Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?  The only way to fix before 20 minutes is up is to unplug and plug back in the FIOS Router.

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Unfortunately, the G1100 routers seem to be problematic.


There is a post here that seems to have a reasonable course of action to see if the problem can be circumvented. The TL;DR version is that some devices cause the DHCP server built-in to the router to crash when the device asks for a lease. The "fix" was to give those devices static IP addresses.


Sorry, I can't help more. I don't use a G1100 myself.

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
Copper Contributor YankeesFan
Copper Contributor
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Thank so much for all that info.  The wierd part is I had this exact same issue about a year ago, replaced cables on multiple devices, rebooted everything, never could get it to stop, then all of the sudden it just did.  Never could figure out what it was.  So now it is just frustrating to have this same issue come back.

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