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FIOS Router and ADT web

FIOS Router and ADT web

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Hello All,

Wanted to see if anyone has an idea why my webserver access is not working? I just recently added some home security cameras and need to integrate the web application through my FIOS router. ADT install instructions show that I need to connect to the WAN port on the router. When we do this it seems that the FIOS router (M1424WR) is not assigning IP address. Do I need to activate this port in the config menu? I looked but did not see a place in the config to do this.


I also tried a direct connect through one of the four LAN ports and the same problem. If I connect a laptop it work fine.


The overall goal communicate to me by ADT is that their box needs to get assigned an IP address just like my Verizon router.



Any help or ideas would be appreciate.

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First.... the Wan does not distrubute Ip addresses, the lan side of the router does.


Is your goal to view your home security cameras from the internet such as your work location?


Usually when trying to access the router from the outside world you run into a roadblock from the built in firewall of the router.  Accessing anything in your house would require you to set up port forwarding to the device your  trying to access...such as  your Adt system.  Gamers for instance use this technique when running gaming servers from their home.


Here's a link to setting up port forwarding.  Click Here


As for the router giving an ip to the Adt system, try resetting the router.


I worked on a dry cleaners system and the way he accomplished what your trying to do is.... he ordered a Static Ip address.  He had the internet fed by ethernet from the Ont to his own router...

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