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FIOS Service Keeps Going Down - Ethernet down, WIFI up........

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FIOS Service Keeps Going Down - Ethernet down, WIFI up........

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OK - SO I have googled as much as I can..............seems there are various failure modes with the Actiontec router, however, I am going to describe mine.


Had an issue with the router going down with the wifi on occasion, called up CS and in the end they sent me a new one, (best not talk about them loosing it and trying to charge me $100 becasue I did not have the UPS tracking number after 4 weeks....)


In any case, that seemed to have fixed the isssues with the wifi, even working better with the extender for upstairs. So about 4 weeks ago, the router would loose its connection with the outside world, wifi was fine, just not the hard wired to the PC. I kept getting the unkown network issue, so I did the change to the settings to ensure the network card did not go into power save mode. Worked for a few days, the only other fix was a reboot of the box.


Fast forward to this weekend, we decided we needed a new computer and went for an iMAC. plugged in, worked fine, then lost the connection twice within the hour. Wife was not inpressed after laying out $1800 on a new computer for it to loose the connection during an etsy transaction......anyways, its still up and down now. I ve restored it to defaults, tried to see if there is anything else I can do. What sucks is I have a security camera to keep and eye on the dogs and when the router goes down, I loose the picture. Again, wifi is still up and running.


Anyone have any ideas- seems its a known issue - just wondered if someone, anyone, including the brain trust at FIOS knows whats going on.............


Oh - latest firmware on the box too........


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Re: FIOS Service Keeps Going Down - Ethernet down, WIFI up........

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From a networking perspective, if the WAN link goes down, you'll lose ALL Internet connectivity, not just Ethernet (hard wired).


On your laptop/computer, it may show that the WiFi signal is connected and strong; however, you should still have no access to the outside Internet.


The connection from the laptop via WiFi to the Actiontec router still works.  All communication from the router to Verizon's central office (and subsequently the outside Internet) is down.


If the laptop can still get out to websites then it could be any number of issues with physical components of your network; bad Ethernet cable, bad router, bad router ports.  First step would be to call them and ask that they test the circuit and see if they can get into your router remotely if/when you experience another outage with the hard-wired systems.

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Re: FIOS Service Keeps Going Down - Ethernet down, WIFI up........

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Do you have TV Service with Verizon? If you don't I strongly suggest using your own router. I don't trust the Actiontec's given by Verizon, they seem too unreliable for me.


And yes, even with TV service you can use your own router, but it gets more involved. Here is a great guide from DSL Reports if you are interested.

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